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  1. Here is an up date: I now have vibration rubber blocks under the legs - (at Quilt Market the APQS individual there suggested hockey pucks, that did not solve the problem) One thing I do want to mentions, my room is not square, meaning that I have a roof angle on two sides of the room (my Millie in in between) .... believe it or not, if I play music on speakers (it doesn't work just from the computer speakers), the machine does not vibrate as much. If I have no music playing on speakers than it will vibrate! I'm thinking it has to do with the sound and the shape of the room. The carpet must have compensated for that. Weird! Thank you again to everyone who made a contributions. Very appreciated!
  2. Thank you Cagey and Connie for the suggestion. I will look into it.
  3. Thanks Betsy. I will look into some form of absorbing carpet. I thought the pucks would have taken care of that.
  4. Thanks Zeke! A couple of years ago we renovated the room that my Millie (Penelope) is in and turned it into a full sewing/quilting studio. The wall to wall carpet was taken out and I now have gorgeous wood floors. When the room was carpeted, it did not vibrate the way it is now. Is it possible that the carpet had something to do with it not vibrating?
  5. My Millie (bought new in 2008) seems to vibrate to the point where the cap on my top spool holders will actually vibrate off (scaring me to death when I'm in the zone). My set up is as follows: 1) second floor of a house that is over 150 years old - wooden floors 2) table legs are on hockey pucks (suggested by an APQS dealer I met at Fall Market 2015) 3) I checked if my table was leveled and it is. 4) I did change my wheels to a newer version (2011 - forgot what they are called) What is causing the vibration? It seems to occur about half way (from the front of the machine) on my way to the left. Can it cause damage to my machine? Thank you for your time.
  6. Thank you all for your answers. We are renovating the computer/longarm/music room and turning this room into my sewing studio. Our home is a 200 + years old brick house. When we renovate we bring the walls to brick, change windows, insulate etc.... it is very dusty but so worth it when we are done. It will be nice to have everything in one room.
  7. We will be doing some major renovations to what will become my new sewing studio. Sadly, my Millennium must come down. Are there any instructions anywhere that makes this task easier? Those of you that are often at shows, do you have a quick system? I have kept the box that the head came in, but do you disassemble the machine table completely? It would be nice if the set up, once the room is done, would be quick as opposed to when I first set up my machine. Thank you for your time. Carole http://www.carolesquiltingetc.com
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