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    Hello all, So I am back on track again. I did the timing and all the hopping foot adjustments, I had to fiddle with the tension a bit and now the machine works fine. And yes Nigel, I will order the fuses immediately, good idea, because I have never seen these fuses in my country. What I also did was threading the machine anew, because I found that that does wonders sometimes. Thank you for your support. Anne
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    Now after I had calmed down a little, I took Marti's excellent advise and looked up on youtube how to replace the fuse. And to my delight I saw there was a spare fuse inside the machine! So I changed the fuse and the power was back on again! But something still did not seem right. Then I discovered that the hopping foot was too high. Probably due to the blow. And also the needle did not seem to be in the exact middle of the hopping foot. Somehow it must be possible to lower and adjust that again? I tried to look it up but could not find it. Is there maybe a instruction video on this? Anne
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    Something quite terrible happened. I was sewing with my Millennium and I used the Intelliquilter so the machine was sewing on its own. When I pushed the batting under the table and the batting got caught in the place where the bobbin is. The machine stopped immediately , no current. I have removed the needle and than removed the iron plate. I could quite easily tear the batting out. But now the machine will not switch on anymore. Of course there is a (nearly finished) quilt on it. I feel quite desperate because I live in Europe and Is to be hoped that there is nothing seriously broken. Everything looks normal. Maybe it is a fuse? Can it be replaced? Please please help me? Anne
  4. Thank you for thinking along with me. At last I discovered that there was a loose contact at the back of the machine. There are two little plugs on the right side, one is for the right handle at the back and the other is for... well I do not know really, but is was loose. I could not plug it in properly. So I took another cord with two computerplugs on either side and now the problem seems to be solved. I made a picture of the plug but I cannot post it somehow. I also noticed lately that my machine was making a strange sound as if the connection was not entirely right. That problem I solved by pushing that particular plug deeper in its socket as it came a little loose all the time. I have an Intelliquilter on my Millennium and there are a lot of cords at the back. It is quite difficult to lead them all without making a mess of it. Anne
  5. This morning when I wanted to start sewing the following thing happened: When I push the stitchregulator and then push the blue 'on'button on the right handle, it does not sew. When I do not push the stitchregulator but only the blue on button - it sews. Yesterday evening nothing was wrong, all was fine. What can that be? Maybe something inside the computer? Anne Que
  6. Thank you Dawn, so I took a 4,5 needle, took your advise as well Bekah, and put it on 6.35. I slowed down my IQ which is already at a slow pace. I didn't have to take of my project because there was a little space left where I could practice. Eventually I had a very loose toptension and a bobbintension of 140 (Towa). You are right, it only skips when it goes from right to left and from bottom to top. Alas, after all these changes it still did not work. Than I changed threads. I took Rainbows because that was the only color that came very close to the King Tuts. I do not like to work with Rainbows very much because I always have a lot of threadbreaking. But...lovely stitches! I turned up the bobbin tension up to 170. Took a needle 4. From previous experience I noticed that the thread breaks less with Rainbows and a needle 4. Didn't skip a thing. Probably because the top tension was so low, the thread did not break once! In the border is a different leaf pattern and here the King Tut did not skip stitches. I will continue to use KT there because it will show to much difference when I use Rainbows there. My conclusion is that King Tut is the guilty one here. Wouldn't you think? Which is a pitty because I like the thread and the feel of it. Although I find the feel of the Omni thread very much alike and that ìs wonderful thread. For top and bottom. Lovely colours. Very strong, never breaks, beautiful stitches. And in comparison, quite inexpensive. (no, I do nòt have Omni stocks). Though I did not really solve the problem with the King Tut thread, I am out of the wood for now. I do not have a lot of KT but I am always reluctant to use it because of the trouble it always seems to ensue. I finally am comfortable with the tension on my machine and all that, so I thought I could have a go with the KT. I will send a picture when the quilt is done so that you can see which pattern caused the trouble and which didn't. Thank you again. Anne
  7. Thank you all for your advice. So I changed my needle and it seems alright but I have learned not to speak to soon. In the first row it skipped to times two stitches, and than it was fine. Which is strange I think because why would it do that? At this moment I cannot change threads because there is a customers quilt on my machine and she requested the King Tut. I will wait and see and indeed, if all fails will have a look at the timing. That is however something I do not look forward to. To doctor at the machine I mean. Especially because I live so far away from the real mechanics. regards Anne
  8. Hello, I have a Millennium with Intelliquilter. I usually sew with LAVA, So Fine, Omni and rarely with King Tut. I use King Tut now and the machine skips stitches, 2, 3 or even 4. I checked everything I could think of. Can it be that I have the upper tension too loose? Anne Que
  9. Heidi, starching and steaming helps to shrink the fabric, doesn't it? So you have to do that before the quilt is on the machine. Sometimes you can see before you start how wavy they are. I always tell my customers than, that that may cause trouble. But sometimes you discover it when it is already on it. And Lisa, if you do the borders first, also the border on the right hand side? Don't you get room in the inner part? Thank you for your kind attention, I will try. Anne
  10. Almost all quilts have a more or less wavy border. That is, I almost never get a quilt with a perfect straight fitting border. If it is not so bad you can easily quilt the the extra space away. If it is very wavy it gets more difficult, but even than it is usually possible to make it look ok. However, if it is a wallhanging and the borders are very wavy, once on the wall, it will look uneven en bumpy. In time it may hang out a little, but it will never be perfect. I wonder, if there is a lot of space, how do you solve the problem? Do you for instance make little pleats? If the fabric is loud, you will probably not see that. Or do you have other tricks? Maybe American quilters are so skillful that you do not know the problem? regards Anne
  11. Thank you Connie, I will bare your advice in mind. I had never really thought about it. I think my husband is going to take all the risk as I can be a clumsy mechanic. Anne
  12. You know Linzi, it is extraordinary hot here for a while now. What is an uninterrupted power supply? Still it does not explain why the needle does not fully retract. I checked everything concerning needle height etc. I will just be patient for a while and wait for the new mag board. Here in the Netherlands it is cooling down a little this weekend. Maybe that helps. Anne
  13. Thank you Linda, it sounds as if you had a lot of experience with this problem. I had a message from the technical service who thinks it might be a problem with my mag board and they will send me a new one. I really hope it will solve my problem. I wonder what causes it and what I can do to prevent it, or that it is just a flaw in the system. A few days without my machine will not harm me, I can start to clean out my house for instance.... Thank you, I will tell if and how my machine works again. Anne
  14. Hello and heeeelp, I have a Millennium with IQ. I have the problem with the needle going up-down-up-down. Now I have had this problem before and than I turned the little screw on the backside of the machine clockwise and at a certain point it was ok again. It was good for months. So when I had the problem again I thought to solve it easily with the same solution. However it does not work. I have turned the screw clockwise up to a point that it did not go up or down at all. The difference between that point and the moment the needle goes up-down-up-down is less than an eighth of a revolution. Also the needle does not seem to go all the way up, so it scrapes over the fabric. There is a quilt on my machine and six waiting, I feel a little desperate. As I do not live in the USA it does not make things easier. Has anyone had this problem and what can I do? Anne Que
  15. Thank you Janice, yes sometimes it jùst fits, but this one is absolutely too big. Linda I realised that it would give a hump on the right side and you are probably right, it will destabilze the whole quilt. Lisa, you have really thought it through. I have read your instructions thrice to fully understand it and it seems to me that I am taking some risk to make this quilt. I didn't for instance realise that the bulk on the pickup roller would be so big that it would get in the way and decrease the throat of the machine considerably. That is something you realise when you have advanced quite a bit and by than it will be too late. Your mail made me aware of a lot of problems I did not even think of. Maybe I should advice her to look for someone who has a 12 feet table. The problem is that there are not so many longarmers in Holland, maybe less than 10, I'm not sure. The thing is that I do not like to deliver a quilt that has a good chance of being imperpect. I will think about it some more. thank you for thinking along with me. Anne
  16. Eh, I'm sorry I am always a little confused with the inches and the feet, (as we calculate with centimeters in Europe) but my 10 feet table can only do quilts up to 100 inch. Anne
  17. Hi all, A customer brought me a quilt which is 112 inch square but my table is only 10 feet. Is there anyone out there who tried to do a quilt bigger than her table? I thought I maybe could fold the excess and quilt for instance 80 inch to begin with and when I am done, take the quilt off and than start all over again and quilt the remaining 35 inch. It is a block pattern, every block has a separate pattern, that may make it easier. I did not promise her yet that I would do it, but she really wasn't able to face the prospect of quilting the whole thing by hand. Is it possible you think? Has someone experience with it? Anne
  18. I will have to ask my customer. What I did now was make a fold with all the extra space and stitched it down. It looks like the border has a seam. And because the fabric is quite varied you hardly notice. You can't do that always I suppose, and I have already asked Bonnie to send me her wonder method. This is not the first and most certainly not the last quilt I will get with wavy borders. I consired to add a description of - how to sew a border on a quilt - on my website. I already have a sort of description of how they should deliver their quilt ( like cutting all the threads and ironing the quilt ànd the backing) , which hardly anyone follows up by the way, but I can always try. Thank you everyone for your kind concern. Anne
  19. Thank you all, I have asked Bonnie by email to mail me the DVD with her fabulous method. The problem is that my customer wants stars, big stars in the border and I have done that already on the upper side. I tried a little to ease the space away with my steamiron and it worked a little. But there is so much space that I cannot avoid a few folds here and there. This was my customers first quilt, can you imagine? She has never had lessons and has never heard of measuring a border very carefully before sewing it on. Well thank you all again, I feel helped a lot. Anne
  20. Thanks Cathy, well, eh.. she did a wonderful job, I must admit. It is reassuring. But I do not understand a few things, (being not American). What is SID and CC? And how can I find Bonnies starch and steam method?
  21. Hi Vicky, where can I find - what a mess-? I did not see it in this forum. Anne
  22. Hi All, I can handle a wavy border. Or so I thought. Now I have a quilt on my Millenium and the border is so bad that I really do not know what to do with all the space. It is a very wide border too which makes it all the more difficult. I don't know if you can see it on the pictures I included. Is there anyone who has experience with this and has an elegant solution? Anne
  23. Thank you so much, I feel a lot more reassured. It is always a little exciting when you do something for the first time and it is not your own quilt. And Heidi - your quilt is so very lovely... I hope mine will be as succesful. Anne
  24. Hello all, I have a customer who wants me to do a quilt with a woolen batting. It is a beautiful light but rather thick batting. The top is made of diamonds and she wants a diamond feather in each one and some leaves in the sashing and borders. No problem, I can make that, but I wonder what will happen to it when it is taken of the rollers. Will it be very puffy, too puffy? I have never before quilted with wool. Will it be lovely or is it maybe better to use a somewhat thinner batting like Hobbs polyester ? Usually I like the puffy ones very much, but now I have my doubts, because I have no idea how it will turn out. Has anyone of you experience with this? Anne Que
  25. Amy my e-mail is Anne