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  1. Beautiful!!!!! Are you computerized, or is this all free hand? Great Job!
  2. OMG your feathers are gorgeous. Totally awesome quilting!
  3. Debbie, this is awesome. I love the block motif....freehand? LisaC, 484 blocks?!?!?! makes my head hurt just thinking about it...it is beautiful though and will be a nice memory of time spent with your Mom..
  4. The machine has sold, and I wanted to say thank you to this wonderful forum. There was lots of interest, and it has sold......
  5. Wow, this is beautiful.. What a beautiful memory to share with your Mom.
  6. 2008 Millenium (all the bells and whistles) on 14' Table with Compuquilter Automatic Fabric Advance Upgraded to M&M wheels Many extras to get you going right away This machine has been lightly used, and has been meticulously maintained. I am moving and would like to sell rather than move it. I am located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia Canada. (north eastern BC, along the Alberta Border) I am asking $20,000.00 $18,000.00 Buyer arranges shipping You can contact me at hansen.npdl at gmail.com or by telephone 2507198854 Kerry Hansen
  7. Great idea! and whoevern mentioned easter gifts for the grand kids....another great idea.. Thanks Kerry
  8. Very nice Sherry, very simple, not your usual memory quilt!!! I love it. Kerry
  9. Sherry this is beautiful.....Great work, by both of you. Definitely on to save to the favorites. Kerry
  10. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to cross hatch an entire quilt. There is lots of applique and embroidery..Do you us a straight ruler and work blocks the width of your quilting space???? use a triangle and just zigzag the top by rows???? I see them done and they are beautifull, but can't find any instructions anywhere on how to do it! Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  11. Every 4 years our Quild has a a show at the local Art Gallery.WE Hang for four weeks in the fall; Sept/Oct this time. The Art Gallery is one of the first Grain Elevators in Town here, refurbished to be used as a the Art Gallery. It is an impressive space.The Art GAllery features local artists, and is next door to the Tourist Info/Museun. Because we are Mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy, we get lots of USA Tourists. This is my first year hanging with the GUild, but they say that they sell a few..no runnaway though....We have better luck with Raffle quilts, where the money goes to a charity. Would be in
  12. Beautiful top.......yup an overall would be great...but custom is always better. Feathers in the navy blue would be awesome, matching thread....and a varigated in the wild colors.... If you want it to be special.......Custom is always the way to go. It will be great no matter what you do......Can't wait to see it. You and your family will be in my thoughts as you go through your DIL's chemo treatments...
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