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  1. Thanks, Angela, for the videos. I appreciate you keeping me up to date on new and exciting designs as well as how we can use them on our IQ. Keep them coming!
  2. Marg Layton

    Memorial Quilt 99% IQ 1% Freehand SID

    What a great comfort and memory quilt that is! Wonderful job on the quilting. Isn't IQ just the best?
  3. Marg Layton


    I have been doing more custom, and just love it when I can do a panto for a change because it is so much quicker.
  4. Way to go, Angela! You definitely have my vote! Thanks so much for thinking about those of us who live so far away from the major quilt shows. Since travel is so expensive, I really appreciate being able to take your on-line classes, and am especially looking forward to more custom lessons (like Dresden plate, etc). Looking forward to see what you will offer us next! Marg Layton
  5. I'll be in online IQ class with Angela teaching, and Shana and Deb2bie. Can hardly wait!
  6. Marg Layton

    GoTo Meeting with Angela

    I am very impressed with the class I took with Angela tonight. I learned some new tricks (mapping the quilt, then clipping it and saving it so I don't have to keep repeating these steps on future quilts). Looking forward to the Custom quilting class later today. Thank you Angela for your patience and organizing the gotomeeting classes. Marg Layton
  7. Marg Layton

    GoTo Meeting with Angela

    Very happy that you have made these classes available to us, Angela. I can hardly wait! Marg
  8. wahoo! Looking forward to this class! Thank you so much for making these classes available so we don't have to worry about travel expenses. Already signed up and paid for through paypal. It couldn't be any easier than that! Marg
  9. Thank you, Angela. I can hardly waIt! Payment is already made through paypal. Marg
  10. Marg Layton

    GoToMeeting with Angela Huffman

    Angela, I sent you a couple of U2Us. Marg Layton
  11. oops, I forgot to say that I have an older Millie. I got mine in 2000, and so it is not blissed either. I too am curious as to where you mounted your monitor for the camera. I have also lowered the tablet mount so it is further forward on the machine head. It makes it easier for me to use the tablet, and to see it. I am rather short, so that was a plus for me to be able to move it forward. Also, it may be due to the age of my Millie, but I feel like it is top heavier in the front and not balanced like it should be. It has a very old carriage that they had to send to me so I could get my Millie to move more easily. I am afraid to upset the apple cart by adding any more weight to my machine. Marg
  12. Does it make a noticable difference if you are in manual mode? My Millie seems to be acting a lot stiffer when I am in manual mode lately, and I have been wondering why. I don't have the bobbin cam yet, although I would like the convenience of being able to see the quality of stitches on the back without having to crawl under my machine with a flashlight. I don't know if it is the Edgerider wheels or what, but my Millie just seems harder to push around when I am in manual mode. Marg
  13. Where did you get the adorable baby owl quilt pattern? We have a new grandbaby expected in the new year, and I think it would be a hoot to make one like this, especially since so many of the designs are applicable to these soon to be new parents!
  14. This was one of the best tours we ever took, but alas, it seems that there are new owners who aren't so agreeable to doing tours. It was so interesting hearing the real meaning of such terms as "threshold" etc. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. Marg Layton
  15. All that hard work really paid off for your family! Congratulations to each and every one of you.