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  1. This machine is in El Paso Texas. I am asking 20k for everything which includes 5k worth of Circle Lord pattern boards and gizmos, 3k worth of pantographs, extra tools such as templates, rulers and books. Will include 50 large cones of King Tut verigated thread. There is a separate bobbin winder, large sized bobbins. Will include 75 bobbins. The machine is in perfect condition and runs great. It was just upgraded for $4500 last summer. The table is steel and the poles cannot bow. The table has hydraulic lift to adjust the height for your comfort. I do not want to ship this machine so local pick up is a must. Computerized quilting can easily be added to this machine. I have found I don't use this as much as it should be used so I have decided to sell. I can be reached at 915-755-0607 Michelle Guadarrama
  2. I have the Quilt EZ Butler robotics system and have had nothing but heartache and grief with it. Latest thing is it will not read the SD card, and without that you are out of business. I regret ever getting into this.
  3. Thanks everyone for your ideas. When my husband returns from Afghanistan, he is going to build me the box on casters...when I say I have a lot of boards, I mean a LOT...previously they were standing on end at the end of a cabinet up against a wall, but worry about them warping. I think storing them on their sides would be safer. I will post a pic when it is done. Thanks again! Michelle
  4. A full refund? No way! I had a similar experince when I first began my longarm business. I refunded the woman 1/2, which now I know was still too much. I found out later that this woman ALWAYS complained about SOMETHING and her agenda was to get a quilt done with as little expense to her as possible. The real kicker was she was wealthy. I am sorry you gave her a full refund, afterall, you DID DO THE WORK. Don't do that again! Michelle
  5. My collection of design boards from Circle Lord is growing and growing and I would be sooo interested in knowing how others store theirs for easy access to them. Thanks in advance for any advice. Michelle
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