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  1. Oops sorry ladies We are staying in Manhattan in New York City.
  2. Hi Ladies My daughter and I are going to be visiting New York this month and would like to know who your favourite quilting shops are in New York. I would love to visit a couple while there. Happy Quilting
  3. Seems to me if the manufacturer of IQ had confidence in their product they'd give a better warranty other than a one year for that kind of dollars. I can understand that if you install and break it you would need to pay to fix it but if it's not broken and works there is still only a one year warranty, you get those kind of warranties on a $10 toaster. Food for thought for the manufacturer of IQ.
  4. I would be interested in your Quiltazoid, is it compatible with the Bliss system?
  5. Thank you Barb for the instructions and pictures.
  6. I'm with Sue My bobbin winder does not wind properly and gave up and bought pre wound bobbins and now my tension is a lot better. I don't have a turn on/off switch on my cord so I have to unplug it from the wall, it is not a user friendly winder and when I received it I didn't get instructions on how to use it. I didn't know there was any.
  7. I am looking for hearts and stars, feathers or anything similar. I've only used pantos twice so beginner ones would be nice. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thank you so much Heidi I better change my bobbin order then, or else I won't be happy hey. Have a great weekend.
  9. HI I know I should know this but I have forgotten what size bobbin does a Millie use. I am ordering pre wound bobbins for the first time and thought they were M size but now am not so sure. Thanks a bunch for the tips for us newbies.
  10. Is your CQ still available. I must of missed the answer if it was ready for the Bliss table. I have a millie with a bliss table. Will it work with that or do I need a retro fit? Thanks
  11. Hi Ladies Thank you all for your words of wisdom on SID now I will try your tips. My Millie is new of this year and my thread cutter does not work the greatest either sometimes it does most time it doesn't. I have no thread or dust build up and haven't been able to figure out what to do. Could someone tell me who Amy is as she seems to be the one in the know about this. Thanks a bunch