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  1. HQ Avante for SALE in Central Texas. This machine is not on a traditional HandiQuilter frame. It's on a customized Hinterberg Summit frame. The machine has been serviced every year by HandiQuilter in Utah, and works like a dream. It comes with the frame, leaders, pattern grid, stitch regulator, multiple "quick change" feet (including the Glide foot), EdgeRider wheels and $100.00 gift certificate to Urban Elementz. $6250.00 OBO. If interested, please email me at patricia@urbanelementz.com or call 830-964-6133
  2. Okay, we lied. We didn't lie on purpose—we really did think that we wouldn't be sending an October newsletter. But we decided that you needed to know our booth number IN HOUSTON—it's 1902 (or 1904 if you don't like 1902)—in case you want to visit us. Remember last month when we told you to look for a bald woman in our booth? Well, to be perfectly accurate you should probably look for a bald woman who's lying on the floor in our booth, because the ramp up for the show has been more than we expected. Nonetheless, we think that we will have something for everyone at the booth—actually, that might be why Patricia's so exhausted. We'll have limited numbers of Patricia's newest endeavor, quilting stencils, as well as most of our pantos (in paper and digital) and all of our patterns, including the latest pattern, Blue Baskets, from Jane. We’ll also have some sale items for all you bargain-hunters. Hope to see you there. And don't worry, we haven't forgotten the multitudes who won't see us in Houston; as of 6 a.m. CDT the new stuff is also on the website, AND most of our pantos are now available in digital form. Yippee! And last but definitely not least, the Essential Elementz pattern for November is up for preview. Just click on Online Store and Essential Elementz to see the new spike-y fern pattern, Agave. Happy quilting, Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com
  3. Okay boys and girls, mostly girls, enjoy this newsletter because it's the last one you'll get until after Quilt Market. Yes, that's correct—there will be no September newsletter because we will be busy tearing our hair out over our preparations. So if you go to Quilt Market or Festival and see a bald woman in a booth, stop and say hello to Patricia. In more breaking news, we've decided to have a HOLIDAY SALE in hopes of briefly forgetting about the sweltering heat and lack of rain here in Texas. All fall and holiday pantos are 15% OFF until the end of September. This includes our newest releases: Christmas Holly-Petite, Pumpkin Patch, Meandering Pumpkin Patch, Deck The Halls and O Christmas Tree, as well as the oldies but goodies: Celebrate, Celebrate-Petite, Christmas Holly, Fall Foliage, Poinsettia, Starz and Starz-Petite. The latest are all in the What's New section of the menu or, if you want to see them all at once, go to the new HOLIDAY category on the menu bar under ONLINE STORE using the following link: http://www.urbanelementz.com/shop/category/pantographs-holiday/ To qualify for the 15% discount just enter "Holiday09" in the discount/coupon code box during checkout. In keeping with what seems to have become a holiday theme, the Essential Elementz pattern for October is Meandering Holly. This pattern is a variation of the original Holly panto, and Patricia has added sashing and block patterns for the custom quilters among our clientele. As usual, it will be sent to members automatically at the end of September. Last but not least, we still have a few sale pantos available. Remember, once they're gone, we won't reprint, so if you've been thinking that you could use a couple of them someday, this is the time to stock up. You might actually have some time to quilt now that the kids are back in school! Happy quilting, Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com
  4. Sorry that you had trouble finding Wisteria. It will show up on the search after it's been released. I hope you like it. Patricia
  5. Is it August already?! Wow … Most of us are either glad that the kids will be back in school soon or sorry that summer is almost over. Either way, we have a bit more news than last month. First, the next Essential Elementz release is up on our website. It's Wisteria, and you can see it under Essential Elementz in the Online Store. And in case you haven't marked your calendars, this is bonus block month!! (Why do I suddenly feel like Bob Barker?) Anyway, we hope you'll like these additions as much as we do ... we'd appreciate some feedback on blocks #4 and #5, which are designed to work as frames around a picture on those photo transfer quilts that can be a problem. We haven't tried this format before, so please drop us an email to let us know whether it's useful. In an effort to organize for our Houston adventure, we've been doing some belated spring cleaning. To that end, we've added to the Clearance Sale category... click on Online Store, then Clearance Sale to find the new (old) stuff. And in the new (new) category, we now offer a design board for Double Bubble ... although the name always makes me think of Hamlet, the design is a lot more fun than the play. Shorter, too. It's right where you'd expect it to be, in the Online Store under Design Boards. We know you're probably sick of hearing about Houston, but we're a little nutso about it and I promise that there will be a direct benefit to you. Here goes: we decided to diversify by converting some of the pantos into stencils for home machine or hand quilters. Those of you who have used them know that many border stencils include a corner. Since Patricia was designing corners for the stencils anyway, we thought we'd offer the designs separately for long-armers who might want to use a row of the panto as a border design, then turn the corner and continue. These are in the usual longarm paper format, not stencils, and they're right there in the Online Store under Blocks. PLUS—I told you there would be something good ... for 10 days only, from now until August 10th we'll include a FREE corresponding corner block design with every panto (that has a corner block) that's ordered. Just order the pantograph that corresponds with the corner block and we’ll do the rest. You don’t even need to add the corresponding corner block to your cart. That's the news roundup for today, kids. Hope you're having a great end of the summer. Happy Quilting, Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com
  6. Okay, Patricia is back from vacation and she had such a great time that she's ready to cater to your every whim. This feeling of well-being probably won't last too long, so you'd best take advantage while you can. First up is the latest addition to Essential Elementz, Fiddlehead, as in the fern, not Itzhak Perlman, and its accompanying blocks. Look in the Online Store under Essential Elementz to find it. Another new addition to our panto library is Strawberry Fields, which we think would be perfect for quilts with food themes or made from a collection of food fabrics. We also have Poppies, California or otherwise, your choice, and we love the block designs almost as much as the original border. If you're a fan of the spikey look, check out Fossil. We love the way it interlocks, but is it just us, or does this remind you of a Roman Helmet with Bad Hair? That was probably too long for a name. Last on the new panto list is Flower Power, a FREE download. Click on the Download button to find it and use it at will. It's open and airy and stitches up fast, so it should be perfect for those occasional freebies that we all seem to attract. Last but not least, WE'RE EXHIBITING AT QUILT MARKET! And festival, too. Although the whole thing makes us a little nervous, we're also very excited about our first appearance in Houston. Details will follow ... hope you have a great month. Happy quilting, Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com
  7. Thanks! And I'm glad you got your order already, ... I try to get all orders out within 24 hours. Patricia www.urbanelementz.com
  8. This is the last week for FREE SHIPPING on pantographs, patterns, books and design boards! This promotion ends on June 15th. Just enter VACATION09 in the coupon/discount box during checkout to take advantage of this offer. Happy Quilting, Patricia www.urbanelementz.com
  9. Good morning … we hope you’re having a wonderful day. On this end, there are a few new items that might interest you. First, we have a NEW pattern, Diamonds and Dots, by Patricia. We’re split on whether we prefer the floral or the gold & red version, and we’ve also had a lively discussion about whether it would work in solid(ish) lights and darks. If any of you try it, please let us know. Second, due to popular demand, Fishtail Palm has been brought out retirement. But this feather-like pantograph has been given a facelift and has been redesigned to be even better. You can check it out by clicking on Products on the menu bar and then Pantographs. Essential Elementz members have probably received their May subscription by now. Check out the Essential Elementz page under Products for the preview of our June selection, Hyacinth. Patricia really nailed it with this one and we expect it to be a hot seller. Don’t forget that you can get it without being an Essential Elementz member by paying full price in July. For you machine quilters, we have a FREE downloadable pantograph, the Starburst pattern. Feel free to use, alter, trace—whatever—at will. Look in the Downloads section of our menu and enjoy it with our compliments. And last, but not least, check out the bargains in our SALE category under Products. These are retired designs and overstocks, so supplies are limited. When they’re gone, that’s it, so maybe it’s time to consider stockpiling some for future use. That’s the roundup for this month. Hope you’re all doing well, and for those of you attending Quilt Market, have a great show. Happy quilting, Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com
  10. I had a little problem with my one of my email accounts being compromised and had to close the account. But now that I've solved the problem I'm back on the web. Yippee! Okay, there's a ton of stuff I've been doing. I've added 3 pantos, Mariposa - Grande, Swan Song - Grande and Spring Fling - Grande, to the Grande collection, which is designed especially for mid to long-arm quilters. And in the design board department, the Aloha panto is now available in both linear and block forms. In the category of absolutely new, I'm overwhelmed. I have 2 new pantos, Double Bubble and Wild Cherries … you can find them by looking in the What's New section of the website. And, in an amazing development, I've detoured from the straight and narrow path of elegant into the realm of cuteness. No, I'm not pregnant … maybe it's just spring. Anyway, I've added a Kidz section to the website, and if you can't find something to make you smile there, you might need a vacation. Check out Qwackers, Tumblin' Teddy Bears and Monkey Business, and the 2 new pantos for animal lovers, Quilting 4 Pawz-Catz and Quilting 4 Pawz-Dogz. A portion of the proceeds from Monkey Business will be donated to Quilts for Kids, which helps volunteer quilters create quilts for children in need. A portion of the profits from the two Quilting 4 Pawz pantos will be donated to the No Kill Advocacy Center, an organization whose primary goal is to make every animal rescue organization a no-kill facility. Jane's new book French Braid Obsession, is due out any day. For a limited time, you can get a personalized copy for $19.95 instead of $21.95. And if you don't have French Braid Quilts yet, you can get both books, personalized, for $39.95 instead of $46.90. To order both books at this special price just enter the code FBQ009 during checkout. Please use the comments section during checkout tell us the name to use in the personalization. And last, don’t forget to check out the next Essential Elementz pattern Flowering Fern. As with all of the monthly patterns, you can subscribe any time during the month to get Flowering Fern for the subscription price of $19.95. If you’re looking for any of the previous releases click on Pantograph - Sets under Products on the website. That's the news for this month. Happy quilting, Patricia www.urbanelementz.com
  11. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, My husband and I were both sick with a terrible bug, and then it took me forever to catch up. Thank you for the really kind words about the club. I's a challenge to design the sets but I'm having alot of fun. As for design boards ... yes ... there'll be some more soon. Thanks again, Patricia
  12. We're baaaack … Seems like we just wrote a newsletter yesterday, but apparently not. Big news here is that, with the addition of the new petite pantos, we've hit the century mark and now offer over 100 designs in various configurations. And by the way, the petite designs are not just scaled-down versions of the bigger ones; they've been redesigned so that those of you who use your home sewing machines on a frame will have a pattern that's possible to quilt without using 3x glasses. These smaller designs also work great as borders and/or sashings. Check out the latest, White Clover - Petite, for the short arm crowd. The rest of you needn't be envious because White Clover is also available for mid- and long-armers. We also proudly present Dusty Miller—Grande. This is one of our favorite pantos, and just like the scaled-down versions, Patricia doesn't just enlarge the design. She always tries to keep the essence of the panto when converting it for use in another size. You can check out the new Essential Elementz set for February, Spring Fling. As a celebration of the first quarter of our Panto of the Month club, we've also included an extra block pattern. We just love those little bees! Don't forget about our Sale category for retired and overstocked pantos. (Now I have a vision of the retired pantos sitting by the pool in Vegas drinking Long Island ice tea, but maybe that's just me. The overstocked ones have a poor self-image and are just moping.) You can find some great deals there. And speaking of sales, for the month of February we're offering 15% off on patterns. Just enter “patterns09” in the discount/coupon code box during checkout. If you've never tried one of our patterns, now could be the time to give one a whirl. Hope you're having a great 2009! Happy quilting, Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com
  13. LAST CHANCE (almost) !!! Only 2 weeks left for FREE SHIPPING, and don’t forget that if you preorder French Braid Obsession, due out in April, the free shipping offer will still apply when we mail and you’ll get a 10% discount. Also in the running-out-of-time category is your window of opportunity to sign up for the Essential Elementz pattern collection Heraldic Hearts to be shipped out at the end of the month. Those of you who are commitment-phobic can always purchase any Essential Elementz design set without being a club member; they just cost more and aren’t available until a month later. And, hey!--have you noticed that there’s a new SALE category on the website? Click on Products, then Sale to get to the bargains. Some of these are retired designs and some are overstocks, so supplies are limited. When they’re gone, that’s it, so maybe it’s time to consider stockpiling some for future use. Hope you’re having a great January! Patricia and Jane www.urbanelementz.com P.S. Don’t forget to enter “shipfree” in the discount box during checkout to ensure you get your free shipping.
  14. Although we’ve both been busy with non-quilting December projects, we haven’t been completely idle on the UE front. Patricia has 2 new pantos, Periwinkles and Hummingbird, as well as a coordinating block for Periwinkles. In addition, the Essential Elementz panto of the month, Heraldic Hearts, is now available to be viewed on the web. Can you believe that it’s 2009 already? Remember when we were all worried about Y2K? We’re very excited about the new design board feature on our website, which will enable you to compare pantos side by side instead of having to switch back and forth between pages. This might not seem like such a big deal, but we think that once you try it, you’ll be addicted. To use it, just add your prospective purchases to your shopping cart—don’t worry, we won’t charge you unless you tell us too. It’s just like putting something into your cart at Target and then putting it back on the shelf before you pay. When you’re ready to compare, go to the shopping cart page by clicking on the My Shopping Cart button on the menu; then click the Design Board button at the bottom of the list. Voila! Compare at will. We’re also taking preorders for Jane’s new book, French Braid Obsession, due out in April. By ordering now you can save 10% off the list price of $21.95 and pay only $19.75. Also Jane will be happy to personalize your copy at no extra charge. Just be sure to let us know the name of the recipient. And last but not least is this month’s big promotion … FREE SHIPPING (within the continental United States) on all orders during the month of January. This offer applies to preorders of Jane’s new book as well. Just enter “shipfree” in the discount code box during checkout. Okay, that’s the news roundup from us. Weather’s great in Miami, okay in New Braunfels. Hope it’s good where you are. Happy quilting, Patricia & Jane www.urbanelementz.com