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  1. This is a good thread, Pun intended I just looked over the classes in the APQS calendar and was disappointed that there was not anything offered for Quilt Path basic's to advanced. I'm just now getting up to a slow jog with my Quilt Path that replaced my CompuQuilter in mid march 2014. I would like to see a Quilt Path class where I can bring my Surface tablet and connect it to a APQS Longarm for a session where I can learn some new things and ask some questions.
  2. @ Zeke. No. I think I figured it out. I was toggling the upper left corner button after manual placement. I eliminated this step and everything is quilting good as it should for now.
  3. I'm not sure if what I'm describing is properly called a jump stitch or not. Whats happening on the top of the panto is the motion is stopping then tying off when moving over a bit then starting up again. This happened with my first row which I don't mind but I can do without the stops and starts. The second row quilted out to completion just fine without this hassle,but now my third row is behaving like the first row with the starts and stops. I would like to entirely eliminate the need to "Move To Next" when doing pantographs.
  4. I'm on my third row doing a panto in EZ mode and I am getting jump stitches across the top of my panto. This is happening despite my best effort to eliminate the jump stitch on the optimization page. What am I doing wrong. Question two: is it possible to access the optimization page after a row is started then stopped before the row is completed ?
  5. Thank You all. I took Dancing Bears advice and had Grace remote in and make some changes. I just put on a quilt and we will see how it goes. if it persists i will slow the millennium down.
  6. Why is my Quilt Path running rough sometimes as if it is hitting an obstruction ? Need help. Thanks. Jerky Quilt Motion.wmv
  7. Thank You I will do that. I'm inclined to make a concise list of upgrades for your review. Where is the best place to make specific suggestions ? I suppose I could start a thread on this forum for members.
  8. I saw the writing on the wall last June 2013 from the former SD Stitches / Odyssey letter they sent out. I really wondered then what the future of this company would be. I needed to call them with a question in Nov/Dec of 2013 and to my dismay I found out that they had close their doors to support and parts. My CompuQuilter was running great at that time, but I figured it would only be a matter of time before a major issue would leave me without a working computerized longarm or anyone to fix it. I figured this would be a good time to upgrade to a Quilt Path and keep everything in the APQS family. I had my Millennium tuned up and picked up my Quilt Path package at Carroll in mid March and just finished my first quilt job this afternoon 04-03-14. I am far from being comfortable with Quilt path as I was with CompuQuilter. I know these things take time but I am dizzy from trying to understand Quilt Path. I wish that this new system was more like my old one. Perhaps some upgrades for Quilt Path will come to make the transition more comfortable for consumers who will be making the transition.
  9. Learning Quilt Path, Its not a Compuquilter. Trying to develop a checklist to start doing pantographs.

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