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  1. I'm going to the "Bliss" system. I can't use my Side Saddle on the new rails so I'm selling my Side Saddle system which was designed to be used on the APQS Millenium and other APQS long-arms except the very small Lenni system. Original price without considering all of the downloaded patterns was $5,600. I'm selling it for $3,000.
  2. I'm going to the "Bliss" rail system so I am selling my Side Saddle. It is an inexpensive way to use digital patterns. This model which fits a standard table is made to be used for APQS Milleniums with or without a titch regulator. It includes everything you would need including the Side Saddle Carriage, Windows XP tablet, all manuals and Jump Drive loaded with patterns. Original cost (not including all of the patterns I downloaded) was $5,600. I'm selling it for $3,000.00. Contact me on the forum or at pats115@comcast.net
  3. I have a bag of selvages and was ready to send them to you, but none were wide enough. I just never cut a whole inch off on the dotted side. I'll start a new bag for you in the future. Would love to see the finished quilt. Pat Schafer
  4. I recently did a rag quilt and used my long arm in finishing the quilting. I don't think the frayed effect will work if you only have the top to fray, not all of the layers. It won't be as full. Yes, you have to clip those long threads after washing. After assembling it all, I put it on the long arm, but quilted within each block enough to hold it together. It worked quite well, but I avoided stomping over the frayed areas. Pat S
  5. They're terrific. Thanks Barb, That was a huge task. I have a game quilt planned, but the fruit jar idea sounds like fun. Pat S
  6. A price change, huh? Wow wouldn't it be great if they reduced the bliss price or better yet "blissed" all the old Millie's. Pat S
  7. I love your backing, Mary. I'm wondering if there is any fabric out there that is essentially a map showing the interstates, etc. Remember those old folding maps we used before the gps. Pat S
  8. Yes Heidi, I would be interested. I'm going to make adult game quilts out of the squares, one of which will go to my brother who is an avid RVer and one of my daughters who has traveled to many of the states. I'm going to send the quilts to them and hold out on the state identification of images for a week or two after they get it or until they say, "I give up - what state is it?" Pat S
  9. Tonilynn, I've been collecting frog images for 44 years since my husband started gtiving them to me. Any chance I could trade you for your Georgia and you take one of the state's left? That would give me four (4) states. Pat S
  10. A set of swinging monkeys and a set of cherries are coming soon. Pat S
  11. The 28th is soon upon us. I can take another state, how about Illinois. Is it still available? If so, then I'd do Oklahoma, New Hampshire and Illinois. Pat S
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