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  1. Thank you for all the great replies!! I am thinking I will get a Lenni. One because of the table size. I don\'t have a whole lot of room. The machine will be in one of my spare bedrooms, but the rooms aren\'t really big. I think a 10\' table will fit a lot better. I don\'t think I have ever made a machine that needs a bigger size than 10\'.... and if I ever thought about quilting for others, well, I guess a lot of those quilts aren\'t bigger than 10\' too. So, I am going to save, save, save and then in about 12months, I will be able to order Lenni without a loan!! Thanks again!! Anke
  2. Mary, Thanks for the reply. Well, the Lenni is $9900 and includes a stitch regulator... I am sure there are some older used machines for less w/o the regulator. I also have looked at the Gammil 18" which is $7000 (inexpensive!). The Lenni only comes with a 10\' table. Is this a huge deal if you want to make some money quilting for others? If I do take the plunge on a machine, I definetely want to be able to make some side money to help offset the initial cost. Of course, I work full time, so this isn\'t something I can dedicate 8 hours a day to. There are just so many machine choices. I would like (like everyone), to get the most for my money with the least amount of regrets. I live in Ohio. There isn\'t a dealer near me. I don\'t have anyone I can talk to, so I will continue to post here and will call APQS tomorrow to inquire about used machines. Thanks, Anke:)
  3. Hi, I am thinking about getting a machine, but no way can I afford one with a Stitch Regulator. How difficult is it to learn the machine without a stitch regulator? What about quilting for others? Is it mandatory to have the stitch regulator?? How long will it take to learn the machine without a stitch regulator? I am currently using a Juki with a stitch regulator (3rd party). Will it be a waste of money to move up to a 18" throat from a 9"? Will I be able to tell a big difference? Should I buy new or used?? I will have to get financing, so I am not sure used is an option. Thanks in advance!! Anke