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  1. For Sale: Garden Trellis Applique Block of the Month, $150 plus shipping: Beautiful batik floral applique. BOM includes batik fabrics, 8 inch squares of all of the fabrics needed for each of the 9 blocks, thread, sashing, borders, and binding. Pattern includes templates for floral applique blocks. And the patterns are already reversed! Backing fabric not included. I purchased this block of the month several years ago and after realizing that I don't like applique, never started it. I found an image of the completed quilt top at the on-line store, Quilting Possibilities (not the store where I purchased the blocks). Once at their shop site, click on the Block of the Month link and the Garden Trellis quilt is half way down the first page. Mari
  2. I have the R&S stylus and I've used it with R&S boards and Circle Lord boards. Mari
  3. Roses that are pieced - just what I've been looking for! Would you please share the name of the pattern? Thanks!
  4. What is the best extended base for Lenni? I'd like to learn ruler work but need a base first! Thanks for your help. Mari had my Lenni for a little over a year
  5. Could this be the fabric? I'm not sure if it has as much blue as your piece. Mari
  6. What an adorable quilt! Would you please share the pattern name or where I could purchase the pattern? Thanks! Mari
  7. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. A memorial quilt would be a great way for your mom to keep a piece of your dad close to her. Bonnie Hunter of has lots of great patterns for scrap quilts. She uses a lot of old shirts and has suggestions for how to use them. Mari new Lenni owner
  8. I have the Gammill bobbin winder and am very pleased. It's easy to use and I haven't had any problems with bobbin tension since I started using it.
  9. That's why there is the big screw! I couldn't think how it would be used with the laser rod in place. Thanks for all your help. I'm going to install the stylus tonight and try making heart wreaths!!
  10. I purchased the stylus and boards from R&S. I don't have the CL. This is my first "gadget". I have a sinking feeling that I've completely misunderstood how to use the boards and stylus. Is there a website somewhere that gives more detailed instructions?
  11. I'm a new Lenni owner and for Christmas I received the Lenni stylus and a set of pattern boards. My problem is that they didn't come with any instructions. I can't figure out how to mount the stylus. I took the laser off but I can't figure out how to clip or mount the stylus arm firmly to the laser rod. I'm not particularly good with mechanical things so I asked my husband for help. He couldn't figure it out either! Thanks for your help. Mari
  12. I've chased down my top thread snapping problem. Whenever I'm close to the end of the bobbin (either prewound or wound by me) I have tension problems and my top thread snaps. This doesn't seem right to me-surely I should be able to use up all the bobbin?