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  1. Barb and Zeke thanks for the suggestions. I took a break had lunch. Read your posts. Unplugged the tablet again, and reconnected it. And I have movement. I had done all of that before.... I am chalking it up to me over working "Fonzi" (my name for quilt path to go along with Lenni) over the last several weeks he evidently wanted a break also. The only other thing that was different this morning was that when I brought up the screen on my Surface I had a low battery display. I checked those connections right off the bat....maybe it just needed a stronger charge before everything was good to go. I will check out that face book page right now Barb....didn't even know it was there. Thanks again!
  2. lt was going well yesterday. Tried to start back up today to finish the quilt and I keep getting an error message. When I tap on the screen to bring up the program it tells me that I am unable to connect to quilt path and gives me three steps to try to correct the problem. I have followed those steps several time. I have also unplugged and reconnected every connection. I even unplugged the power source at the outlet. My carriage does have a red light on it. What am I missing? Thanks for any suggestions. I hate not being mechanical!
  3. I have had it for a little over 6 months now! I love it's ease of use and its accuracy. I sit and sew at my domestic machine, while quilt path sews on the quilt! I don't regret my decision to purchase it one bit!
  4. Thanks everyone. Dear hubby came up and saw that I had the brake on the table ( I was going to take it with me to make sure I got the right width of velcro) he took one look at it and said. "Deb it hasn't worn away, it has just bunched up down here." Guess while I am training myself to not load the quilt top so taunt, I need to remind myself to wear my glasses. Anyway he took out his trusty pocket knife, seperated the bunched up part and now I have the velcro where it is suppose to be. He even had a washer out in the garage to replace the one I "krimped". Brake is back together and this afternoon I think I will load a piece of muslin and play with a new pattern. Thanks for the assistance!
  5. I have been having problems with one of my brakes, the one on the take up bar. I isn't holding tight. Even when it is locked down tight I can pull the quilt sandwich back by just pushing on the quilt top with my hand. Now in full disclosure..... I like a taunt quilt sandwich.... I have been told many times that it s to tight. And I am trying to retrain this old dog to do better. I am heading out to the hardware store today to replace the washer, or what once was the washer. As I took the brake apart to take that washer with me to the hardware store, I noticed that the fuzzy material on the inside of the brake was completely worn away in the curve of the brake. I know I saw a thread about the brakes, but I could not find it when I searched. Is that fuzzy material velcro? I am really going to kick myself for fighting with the brakes for six months if it was something this easy to fix! Thanks for any and all help!
  6. I had some children quilts ready for donation, and thought about sending them out to Sandy Hook. I happened acrossed this website http://www.pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=3459 where it asks that only monetary donations be sent at this time, with the exception of the snowflakes. I do understand that thought process. The city of Des Moines received all kind of donations during and after the floods of 1993... but they were not equipped to destribute the donations for several weeks afterwards..... then they were begging anyone to come and get water ect.... just so they could clear out the semi's. I'll wait until they are equipped to deal with non monetary donations, and then send out my quilts.
  7. See how much I learn here. My extended base is coming out of the closet and is going to be attached to Lenni! Thanks Darlene and Meg for the lesson!
  8. I sent 6 yesterday. I saw this on Bonnie Hunters website several days ago.... but not the timeline. I sure hope they meet their goal....also hope that the weather doesn't slow things down.
  9. This last year I decided that I wanted to make charity quilts for my local community. I set out the year with the goal of making 12 bed size quilts for the local Domestic Abuse Center. I have a GREAT and GENEROUS group of friends that wanted to help. My husband now believes that my friends are now actively assisting in a conspiracy to help me get the add on to my house. People keep cleaning out their stashes and donating fabric to me.... many times the fabric can be decades old. I have actually asked people to stop donating for a while or donate to another organization. But i do get the oddest of fabric.... including sheer fabric... but that is okay to because I tell people up front what cant be used in quilts will be used in dog beds or mats for the dog local shelter. The Domestic Shelter did ask that I keep the quilts simple....for fear that they might be sold. I have also had people donate their UFO's that they just don't want. All were accepted, but sometimes I might find a different home for one. I have had two that were just beautiful, that were donated to groups to be raffled as a fun raiser. Most of the quilts were designed to be utility quilts, but they were always clean. I'm happy to say that by the end of the year, my local community will have received 67 quilts going to several organizations. And I agree with Linda, once I deliver them I have to trust that they are used for what I had hoped and move on. (but I do purposely stay away from the large sales... it would break my heart to see one for sale).
  10. Very Very Pretty! I could only dream about doing something like that! Good luck with getting your own projects done.
  11. I am doing the quilting happy dance! I volunteered to quilt a comfort quilt, where the blocks were donated by 20 plus online friends. The online group delivers a comfort quilt to a member that has lost a spouse or child. Once I started to load the top, I realized that I was going to have a challenge. The top border was three inches + shorter than the body of the quilt, causing some fairly significant "D cups" in the top row of the quilt. Because this quilt has been a work in progress for a couple of years, I knew I would not be able to find the same fabric to replace the border. I also did not want to offend the gals that had finished up the quilts by altering their finished project. Before I got Fonzie, I only did panto's.... I would have had all kinds of puckers and pleats..... but now Fonzie drives my Lenni and I can watch the actual quilt top... So with that in mind, I picked a fairly dense pattern "Gypsy Feathers" by Onesonge needle, and turned on Fonzie to do his magic. As Fonzie quilted over the quilt top, I gently eased the fullness of the fabric in between the quilt lines. Yes I did have to stay close to the machine on the first two rows of quilting (and the last for that matter because I had the same problem on the bottom border).. but the quilt top does not have any pleats or puckers. I would not have been able to do that had I been on the backside following the panto. Although the quilt isn't square, I won't be embarassed to send it on its way. This is just one more reason I love Quilt Path! I am sure that you can do the same with any of the systems, but I just happen to have this one.
  12. I do have a Quilt Path, and with a tap of the screen I can move my head anywhere I want to. I can also tell you that when the you run out of bobbin thead, Quilt Path's system is extremely accurate in following the previous sewing. Your customer would not see holes, because the same path would be stitched again. I have had my Quilt Path since early Septemeber, I liked the first version, I like the current version even better. What I like best is that the APQS gang, listened to what the actual quilters wish list was, and went back to the programers and had it added. Bob and Jim spent several afternoons with me and watched me quilt using the system on actual customer quilts, by doing so they understood what I needed and why. I also like that the weight of my Red Snappers do not interfer with Quilt Path at all. I think I saw a work around for IQ several months back.(but that could be fixed by now for them) Meg is right no one system is going to be perfect for everyone, and you have to ask the right questions.....but I can tell you that Quilt Path already has the ability to do things that I will never use, and there are more improvements in the pipeline. I am not a dealer or an employee of APQS, just a grateful customer that happened into the shop for a spa date and happened to mention to Amy that I was going to purchase a computerized system. Luckily for me I lived in the right place, and had the right type of machine to allow me to get Quilt Path when I did.
  13. Robin, please don't get discouraged. I am fairly confident that the message was that to master a skill you need to practice. But the great thing is that practice can be on quilt tops. I started out with and Utlimate II with no SR. I never learned to free motion quilt, but I did learn how to panto and I was good at it. I took the time to learn the skills needed to do the panto's, but not the free motion quilting. When I upgraded to a new Lenni last year, I thought I was basicly getting the same machine with a stitch regulator. I was wrong, I had to learn how to use my new machine. Now I have Quilt Path, and I again am learning a new system. The real message is that there is a learning curve to the machines, make sure to give yourself the time. Don't assume that you can buy a machine and go into business the next day. And the best tip I can give anyone new is: Try to guide your machine only using the tips of your fingers.... my quilting was much prettier once I gave up my death grip on the handles.
  14. Funny Lynne! As a matter of fact I just finished a quilt that I used Quilt Path for block work, and free handed the borders on. And there was no DRAG AT ALL, once I released both brakes. I was able to go back and forth from computerized to free motion quickly and effortlessly. The borders had 3D stuff in them and I need to navigate around the charms, buttons and what nots. Well have to have another play date just for Fonzie (for everyone but Lynne, Fonzie is what I named my Quilt Path. It seemed like a natural fit, since I had Lennie and Squiggy{Squiggy was my new table}). And of course when you order Chachie I'll plan on coming up a spending a day with you!
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