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  1. Barb and Zeke thanks for the suggestions. I took a break had lunch. Read your posts. Unplugged the tablet again, and reconnected it. And I have movement. I had done all of that before.... I am chalking it up to me over working "Fonzi" (my name for quilt path to go along with Lenni) over the last several weeks he evidently wanted a break also. The only other thing that was different this morning was that when I brought up the screen on my Surface I had a low battery display. I checked those connections right off the bat....maybe it just needed a stronger charge before everything was good to go. I will check out that face book page right now Barb....didn't even know it was there. Thanks again!
  2. lt was going well yesterday. Tried to start back up today to finish the quilt and I keep getting an error message. When I tap on the screen to bring up the program it tells me that I am unable to connect to quilt path and gives me three steps to try to correct the problem. I have followed those steps several time. I have also unplugged and reconnected every connection. I even unplugged the power source at the outlet. My carriage does have a red light on it. What am I missing? Thanks for any suggestions. I hate not being mechanical!
  3. Love my red snappers! I took a two inch piece of plastic to mark my leaders. Once I had the line completely down the leader, I folded the leader up to the line, and very slowly put in my stitching to create the casing. Only took about an hour to get all three done. Note to self if I ever need to replace my leaders again (had just replaced them before I bought my new machine) Renae sells leaders with the casing already in them.
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