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  1. Did you have to remove your old handles. Mine are similiar to the new Larry like a big wide square U shape. My hands are so far away from the needle it is hard to close work. I have the micro handles but they limit my view.
  2. I have a Lennie and I just noticed it nowvcomes with new adjustable handles. Is it possible to add the new handles to my Lennie.
  3. Carmen, What an amazing quilt. Was the rose freehand or a panto. Well done.
  4. Hi Sue, Who is the long arm supplier in Australia that you mentioned carries our needles. I have a couple of packets from Superior but they look like the ones Dawn has cautioned us about. I haven't used them yet.
  5. I usually do two rows of a panto and then have a break. I find my eyes have trouble focusing after watching that little red dot for too long. Also I wear a back support and good shoes when standing. Must try the MP3 next time.
  6. I am only waiting for Shannon K's block and my quilt will be ready to put together. Shouldn't be long now. There are some lovely photos coming through of the quilts.
  7. Thank you Dawn and Sue for your reply, As Sue said I have a Lenni, and when the thread stripped, little pieces of metal shaved off onto the panto shelf. My DH got it apart and changed the brakes over, but both the bolt on the brake and the bracket it screws into is damaged. I have been checking today, just how tight I am doing the brake up, but there is still some "bounce" in my fabric so I don't think I have been over tightening. I hope the other brakes hold up until the replacement comes. Thankyou for looking into it for me.
  8. The thread just stripped on the brake on my top roller., Of course I am in the middle of a quilt. I managed by swapping brakes. I have only had my machine about 9 months and am surprised that this has happened. Has anyone else had this trouble. I don';t think I am doing them up over tight. Not sure if the warranty coveres it, I have emailed for help so am waiting to hear.
  9. I would like to thank Coleen O for her lovely block. It matches all the others. Only one left to come.
  10. Thanks Teresa, There are some others who posted just before me who are waiting on Shanon's blocks as well.
  11. Missing Blocks. I am missing two blocks. One from Shannon Kratochril and one from Coleen O"Kane. Someone posted that Coleen's are in the mail. Thanks Teresa for hosting this swap, it has been quite exciting receiving the blocks.
  12. A big thankyou from Laura H. I just love your block. It matches the others as well. Thankyou for the postcards, what a lovely place.