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  1. Just last weekend the local news people were being so defensive about all the typo's they hear about. It went on a lot longer than I thought was appropriate. The final thought from one of them was, "Well, it's our job to make sure it's correct." And that's true. I read this blog when it was first referenced on here and have forgotten most of it. In short, we tend to do our best with things we care about deeply. We don't really know what others care about, even though it may be their chosen profession. With any form of art, perfection is impossible. What some consider art is
  2. That is so beautiful. I'm just getting started in the longarm journey and would be thrilled beyond belief to do that. Joan
  3. Good morning, I emailed you at the addy at the beginning of the post. Thank you, Joan
  4. My husband and I are going to start a quilting business and I hope sooner rather than later. My question is what kinds of things are we able to get wholesale if we have a tax-id number? I hope we get an APQS but we'll see. I know we'll be starting with a used machine in the next few months. I ask my question now because I don't want to start buying things now if waiting until we have a tax id number makes more sense. Thank you, Joan
  5. Wow, look at all these great ideas! I bought tickets for a featherweight 221 raffle at a show in North or South Carolina...I don't remember which one. I didn't win, but it was fun and I bet it brought in some bucks. Joan
  6. Well, Valerie, if I don't win it I hope you do! I'm going to test drive longarms next month in Wichita. DH and I are going to start a business. I guess one of the seeds I planted with him finally took after 3 years. It was his idea and he wants to quilt. Coulda knocked me over with a feather!
  7. I only lurk here because I'm a piecer, not a quilter. I learn a lot. This morning I learned I would be quite proud to know you and your husband, your daughter and her husband and Nathan. All I can say is Wow...and you make me want to be a better person. Thank you.
  8. I agree with Sandi. It is illegal and she has a great idea in trying to return the arrow. DH and I were walking in our neighborhood several years ago and heard an arrow go over our heads. We both shoot and knew how close and how dangerous it was. But to do that to an animal is beyond comprehension. Do file a report. I'm so sorry for your loss.