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  1. Does anyone have any quick tips for photographing quilts? My husband photographs them and I'm sure we can do a better job. The quilting doesn't show well, even when the quilt has been quilted with a wool batting. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Joan
  2. Perfect is right. It's just lovely. My favorite is how the quilting accentuates the piecing in just the right way. Joan
  3. Just perfect in every way! Love those colors too. Joan
  4. Great job, Dell...I love the words and the beach one is so pretty on the white fabric. Joan
  5. Congratulations Teresa!! Have faith and it will come to you. Joan
  6. Oh that pattern is pretty too. Now to decide what to make. Thanks again, Linda Joan
  7. Oh that pattern is pretty too. Now to decide what to make. Thanks again, Linda Joan
  8. So sorry, Judith. Will pray for you and your sister. Joan
  9. I would not SID, but I might SIN. Just kidding...I think it's a wrap as well. Looks great! Joan
  10. I love the quilting and also the colors used in the quilt. What a great idea! Joan
  11. You know what? That was my first time to cut fq's and fold them. I now know I don't want to work in a quilt shop. Joan
  12. Finally got the package to the post office today (late in the afternoon) so it will go out tomorrow (Wed). Thanks, Joan
  13. Thank you for posting this, I'm going to check it out. I need something like this too. Joan
  14. Thank you to Linda and Zora for giving me ideas to quilt this panel. It is finally finished and back to its rightful owner. It's hard to see in the photos but I stitched piano keys in the outer border and stitched around the main aspects of the statue and flag. We used wool and it really made everything pop. Thanks for looking, Joan
  15. Mailing Monday...sorry for the delay. Will confirm they have been mailed. Joan
  16. Wow! Haven't forgotten you at all and it's good to see you back. These photos are phenomenal! Joan
  17. Wonderful! Congrats and have fun figuring it all out. Joan
  18. Wonderful!!! God is good, and when He goes our way, He's really good. Joan