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  1. Prayers and good thoughts for you this morning Teresa. Hope you feel well enough to do what you have to do today. Hugs, Joan
  2. Wow! Very beautiful as always. I think I would've gotten dizzy quilting that. Joan
  3. Both are quite lovely...great job and so nice of you to do this. Joan
  4. I've been waiting almost patiently for your update. Will say more prayers. Joan
  5. Is there room for one or two more? I'd prefer two slots but one is ok too. Thanks, Joan
  6. Great job figuring this out! Onward and upward!! Joan
  7. Your quilting is always outstanding. Beautiful job! Joan
  8. I've never seen an offset like that and I like it and I like your quilting even more. Joan
  9. Beautiful, gorgeous...all of you and the quilt is to die for. Joan
  10. Praying for you. You will be ok. Sending you hugs too. Joan
  11. Ah rats! I know what you're saying but when my tension is off, it's a lot more off than what yours shows. The two things that helped me the most were prewound bobbins and a Towa gauge. When I can't get prewounds (not all colors have prewounds) then I fill my bobbin pretty tight and watch it as it fills. May the rest of your quilts be smooth sailing... Joan
  12. I'm finally working on a quilt that I put off for months because I didn't know how to stipple and it scared the bejeezuz out of me. How about you? Joan
  13. Charlotte said it perfectly, Linda...and you're always spot on with your quilting. Joan
  14. That quilt totally rocks! And so do you, for making it so special. Joan
  15. OMG it's a good thing your machine didn't sell...that is absolutely breathtaking! I'm so glad the modifications worked for obviously love quilting. Joan
  16. Thank you! That should be all the fam can stand. Joan
  17. Good morning, I'm in San Diego for a few days. Is there a favorite shop for any of you who are lucky enough to live here or nearby? It will be 83 here today. It was 20 when we left home. Thanks, Joan
  18. That group quilt looks so cohesive it could pass as a single maker. Great job Teresa! Joan