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    maggienoella reacted to Pat C in Boxer dog quilt for rescue organization   
    Here's a Boxer dog quilt I made for our local rescue organization that is having a fundraiser.  The rescue group asked if I would make something "quilty" and since I had a lot of advance notice the project grew.  It took about 1 1/2 years off and on.
    It was so much fun to make.  I hope it raises some money for the rescue group!
    Thanks for looking!

    Sorry some of the pictures are sideways!
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    maggienoella reacted to Mary Beth in Stash Busting   
    Thank you for all of your words of wisdom, and your helpful hints, for hid...I mean not buying fabric. I have learned some things on this journey.
    1. I live really close to MSQS. If I order from them, I must not leave town for a few days.
    2. Always go to the mailbox or check the front porch as soon as I get home from work.
    3. Always, always, on Modays, bring the recycle bin back into the garage....if "He" sees it on the curb, he will go get it, and check the mail, since the recycle bin sits next to the mailbox on Mondays.
    4. Ask other family members....who have mailboxes....if you could have a package delivered to their house. You don't need to tell them what it is....just let them believe it is a gift for....Him. People always like to be a part of a "scheme" or surprise.
    I am sure I have other tricks up my sleeve....but this is all I can think of for now.
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    maggienoella reacted to Mary Beth in Stash Busting   
    OH MY GOSH......I CAVED!!!!!! The internet is my that a word?  I get emails from Missouri Star Quilt Store with the "Deal of the Day" I have been able to just enjoy the deal of the day every day....but not buy....until today. ​
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    maggienoella reacted to Kueser in Stash Busting   
    They sell fabric at your grocery store? LOL
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    maggienoella reacted to HeidiP in Shrinkage when Quilting Batiks   
    Shrinkage is based primarily on the loft of the batting, backing, the density of your quilting and how the finished quilt is washed.  Warm and Natural does not have a lot of loft to it and neither does a batik back, so it's down to the density of your quilting and washing.   If everything is flat and you quilting is maybe 1-1/2" apart, you might figure 1/2" shrinkage for every 36" of quilt.  More dense quilting, and I might figure an 1" for every 36".  If I have a 12" block that has 1-1/2"" of fullness, compared to the sashing, I can quilt the block quite densely, like maybe every 1/4" and it will lay flat when quilted.  The washing is a personal thing.  Some people like to shrink them up good.  Did I answer your question?
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    maggienoella got a reaction from Oma in Hot Air Balloon quilt   
    I like it too!   I love hot air balloons too.
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    maggienoella got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in NQR More babies!   
    Congratulations Heidi!  What wonderful news.  You'll be busy won't you?
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    maggienoella got a reaction from delld in My DRESDEN PLATE   
    I just love this quilt, Dell.  I've wanted to tell you that ever since you posted but I had computer troubles.  Beautiful!
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    maggienoella reacted to Quilting Heidi in Blue and White Hunters Starq   
    Jen's quilt.jpg]Beth you can do a combination of straight lines if no curvy lines are wanted.  Do cross hatching, parallel lines, diagonal lines, etc.  I did one of these for my daughter who is much more geometric then I am.  I did 1/4" crosshatching, very time consuming, but it really turned out great.  Here is a picture of it.  
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    maggienoella reacted to Zora in How to secure an irregularly shade quilt   
    I would mark the backing..a line all the way across, a line perpendicular to that, then a line bisecting each of those quadrants. Make sure your marks will extend far enough out that they will show beyond the batting. Lay the batting on the backing, then lay your star shaped quilt top on, lining up the points of your stars with your marked lines using a ruler. Pin in place. I would check the accuracy of my pinning by measuring the distance from the star tips to the center on each star point and check with a square ruler to make sure I have kept it square...then add a PITA charge on the invoice!
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    maggienoella got a reaction from delld in Amador county fire   
    So glad things are progressing in a good way.  Hope that continues and the fire is out soon.
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    maggienoella got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Star Quilt   
    This is possibly the prettiest block I've ever seen.
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    maggienoella got a reaction from jandcembroidery in Finished quilting it...   
    Wow, great job on that panto!
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    maggienoella got a reaction from RoseCity Quilter in Finished this Prismatic Star   
    Drooling and I accidentally clicked forward on your photos and those are absolutely beautiful as well.
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    maggienoella got a reaction from RoseCity Quilter in Cactus Rose Quilt   
    I keep looking at this one and it's stupendous!  Wow!
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    maggienoella reacted to ffq-lar in Centering a backer   
    Centering the sides is easy. The top/bottom takes a bit of math. I draw the backer on paper and figure where the top would sit in a perfect situation---such as if the top is loaded 5 inches from the top edge of the backer, there would be 5 inches of backer left at the bottom. Then take into account the fact that the quilting will advance the top a bit (eating up maybe an inch of top over a 100" quilt) and the thickness of the batting (wool batting will make the top shorter than flat cotton batting will). Then I might load the top 6.5 inches down from the top edge instead of 5 inches down. Then I hope for the best...
    Just as in woodworking, measure twice or three times, verify your plan, then go for it. As an added safety measure, I pin the top edge and methodically advance and smooth to the bottom edge. This eases my mind that I'm on the right track. 
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    maggienoella reacted to jandcembroidery in Centering a backer   
    LOL, I don't do any measuring. I always lay out the top centered on the back and then mark the back with pins on the corners. When I load the back on the frame, I roll out until the pins appear and place the top. If I tried measuring and math who knows what or where would happen.
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    maggienoella reacted to RitaR in I hope you will find this Funny!   
    Yesterday, yes even on a Sat., I had to go about 30 miles,  up to Raleigh for an MRI, at 9:00 a.m.
    Then at 2 we went to a friends funeral.  She had a sense of humor that can't be beat.
    Well they were a mixed race couple, and he was color blind.   One day:
    He asked a friend to put something out in his 'white' pickup.  The guy searched high and low out in
    the parking lot and couldn't find a white pick up.  He went back in and told Freeman there wasn't a
    white pick-up out there.  Freeman pointed to a pick up and said, "its right there".   His friend told him,
    "That is gold, not white!"   His wife popped up with "Don't let that be a bother,  it took him 3 years to
    figure out I'm white!" 
    Need I say the congregation broke up?  Too funny.
    In the evening we drove about 30 miles south to celebrate our 57th anniversary at Long Horn with
    our 2 daughters and son-in-law.  None of the grandkids were there!
    Have a wonderful week,
    God Bless,
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    maggienoella reacted to ffq-lar in How do I start/stop my ends so that I can cut the threads?   
    You can do the same as IQ. Stop your stitches (in a seam if possible), use your needle positioner to take three tiny stitches a thread apart. Down once more to pull up the bobbin thread. Hold all threads to put some tension on them and cut carefully. Another option is to leave in SR mode and do three or four jiggle stitches at the end. Just jog the handles enough to make the stitches. You can do either routine at the start as well as the end.
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    maggienoella reacted to Oma in More humor this morning   
    I don't sneak fabric in anymore.  My husband brings it home from the Post Office by the arm full.  He has never asked me if I thought I had enough.  And that's one of the reasons he has been around for a very long time. ♥
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    maggienoella got a reaction from Gail O in Shopping for computer system   
    CONGRATS on 4 years cancer free!  I'm almost 9 years out myself and know the excitement when I hit 5!
    PS Happy Shopping
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    maggienoella reacted to Tracey in Freemotion videos   
    Hi everyone,  I haven't been on the forum very much lately but I wanted to let you know that I have been posting a free motion design video each day.  I'm doing 100 designs in 100 days.  I thought I would post the link here.
    Hope you like them!

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    maggienoella reacted to jandcembroidery in So Disappointed This Morning   
    As a young child, I remember Christmas eve setting out cookies and milk and awakening Christmas day to find them gone and my stocking full of surprises as well as gifts under the tree. Then when I'd lose a tooth, the next morning there would be some jingle under my pillow. Last night, I loaded my quilt and this morning it was in the same condition as I had left it. I have come to the realization, that there is no such thing as a "Quilt Fairy".
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    maggienoella reacted to ffq-lar in Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself   
    My mantra has always been  "Don't criticize a job unless you want to do it yourself". Unfortunately, Den's mantra is "If I do it badly enough I'll never have to do it again". We're happily married and the house is usually not ready for company!
    But he's the brains and I'm the one pushing around the longarm. So it's a very happy life!  
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    maggienoella reacted to mlsa3 in Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself   
    Dizzy Dean once said, "It's not bragging if you can do it."  So none of the following is bragging because I am basing it on fact.
    In my last post I mentioned that once a month my wife and I give the house a good cleaning.  She does certain things and I do certain things.  We've been doing this for 31 years.  Plus I knew how to clean house many years before I ever met her.  So about 2 months ago she walked up to me and said I wasn't doing a good job on my end of the cleaning so she had hired a woman to come in once a month and clean.  I said, "Go for it."  (Now here is where you need to read between the lines:  "Nobody does anything as good as my wife does it")
    At the end of the month the lady came by and cleaned.  My wife chose a day when she wasn't going to be there so I had to stay home all day while this lady cleaned.  When wife got home of course she wasn't happy with the cleaning.
    She said, "Didn't you check behind her?"  I said, "Hold up there Buckwheat.  You fired me remember.  I didn't know how to do a good job so who am I to tell a trained professional (she charges us to clean) how to clean."  So the next month my wife stayed home and went over a few things with the lady.  The next day my wife of course was saying she didn't do this and she didn't do that.
    Fast forward to two weeks ago.  Wife comes up to me and says, "Do you think WE can start cleaning the house again?"
    Do you see?  In the course of two months WITHOUT TRYING I improved enough that I can clean the house again.
    So I hope all of you will think about ordering my new book that will soon be on the best seller list: "How To Improve Without Really Even Trying"
    Ok, break time is over with....gotta go vacumn.