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  1. LOCATION: SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN / NEAR WINDSOR, ONTARIO I purchased this machine and cabinet in December 2010 for $7,900... I believe the higher price reflects the cabinet that is no longer offered (see pix). Before he arrived, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and although GEORGE was set up, he has NEVER been used. As you can see from pix, he is a true Silver Stud with his name emblazoned in Red. What a look! And the old-style cabinet (also new, of course) features four storage drawers of wood construction. Please know that--as a 2010 model--he does not accommodate the "M" bobbins (on
  2. I am in Augusta, GA...within 3 hours of Atlanta, Savannah, or Charleston, NC.
  3. I am considering a longarm and I can\'t get my hands on ANY USEFUL INTRO videos...the "choosing a quilting machine" on the APQS website does not seem to be working, although the others are working. There is no dealer/showroom close to where I live. Where can I get a video? Thanks, all!
  4. I am considering a long arm but I do enjoy the traditional method of machine quilting...I was considering a George, but I don\'t like the orientation of the machine head---Would prefer the orientation of a long arm, with sewing head facing me. And then I saw this picture on the APQS website with a seated sewer using the Milleneum with my preferred orientation, moving the fabric with her hands! I almost fell off my chair...Is this a custom table, and is it a permanent installation? Do tell....