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  1. I am going, there will be 3 others with me. One of the gals is looking for a machine, and this is the perfect place for her to see all of them. Hopefully there will be an APQS table again.
  2. I will be there. This is my first time attending, and I am so excited! I will try to stop by the APQS booth around noon sometime to meet everyone. Does anyone know where the APQS booth is located?
  3. I have refused a couple of quilts. That was because they were covered in cat and dog hair. The pet hair was so thick on the quilt....... When I get a quilt in that has "issues" I do make suggestions to the customer on how to solve the problem. They then have the choice of fixing it themselves or I can do it for a fee. With one of my customers, a very sweet older lady, I have actually taken apart her quilts. Making sure the sashings, borders, squares are the same size, and then sewing it all back together. She is always so happy with her finished quilts.
  4. DeLoa's speech was so sweet. I took a class from her last August in Milwaukee, she is a wonderful teacher.
  5. I agree, it is so nice to hear the positive comments. With that being said, I have not shown anything at guild for a long time, because of no comments, or the negative comments. The negative comments come from a very small group, who do not even have a longarm. I know that they can not do what I do on my machine, but shouldn't you say something nice or nothing at all. Thanks for letting me vent.
  6. Leslie, I did not keep track of the hours that I put into piecing it, but it was a lot of hours. It is so cool to see your vision come to life, so it was worth all of the time I put in to it.
  7. Anne, I did all the cutting, and had some help with the kiting of the individual sections for the stars. The piecing was open to any members that wanted to come and sew for one Saturday. There were 16 members that showed up to sew. We did not complete all of the piecing of the sections. So another gal and my self finished the piecing of the individual sections. Let's just say that if I was to do this again as a group project, I wouldn't do it as a group project. I spent alot of time resewing sections........ I put all of the feathered stars together, and my friend did the Lamoyne Stars. Then I put the top all together. The quilting alone took me 47 1/2 hours. But I am really proud of this quilt!
  8. The fabrics are all batiks, and the background color is Coffee from Timeless Treasures. The finished size is 99 x 99. The smaller close ups of the quilting does show the colors to be more true.
  9. I designed my guild's raffle quilt, and quilted it for our show in October of this year. Hopefully I can get the pictures to post.
  10. It is a Happy Birthday day! Happy Birthday sis!
  11. Marilyn, I always prewash my batiks in Synthrapol. I have not had any problems with the colors running once I do this step. I have even done this whole bolts of batik fabrics. I am heading to MQS, so I will have to look for you quilt. Will you be there? If you are, I hope to see you again. Met you for the first time in Milwaukee last August.
  12. It is kind of crazy how they treat us. They would not do this for a doctor appointment, manicure, etc. But for some reason they think we are not a business. I say put them at the bottom of the list, they missed their appointment. Therefore they have to reschedule for the next available opening
  13. I am willing to sell my Hartley Fence and Myrna's dvd, there might also be a workbook for the dvd. I have never used the Hartley Fence. If anyone is interested,send me a u2u.
  14. I am currently using Glide thread on a quilt. Love it in the top, but tons of problems with the pre-wound bobbins. I took out the check spring, loosened the tension, with the towa guage I had it at 170. I put a little practice piece off to the side of the quilt, ended up looking like gathered fabric. Loosened top tension, readjusted the bottom tension. Still had problems. After about an hour, I gave up and wound my own, no problems with those bobbins. So now that I have all of these prewound bobbins, I need to figure out the tension problem. Can anyone give me some words of wisdom?
  15. If you contact Amy, she will send you a box.
  16. Wow! That is gorgeous, I love the quilting. That is going into my favorites.
  17. WOW! How can she not have any pride in her work...... On my business card, "Smoke free, pet free home. Smoke free and pet free quilts only." I have returned quilts to customers because of pet hair, even though they think it will be fine to quilt it with the pet hair on it. Quilting the quilt with pet hair on it, yes that bothers me. I don't want stray hairs on my leaders, or floating around in my studio. The big reason for smoke and pet free is that we have allergies in my family. I know I have probably lost business because of this, but that is okay. I would be very busy, booked out for 6 months or more when she comes back in 4 weeks. Have a list of other longarmers that she could possibly contact.
  18. I live on the east side of the cities, but I have not heard of the Upper Midwest Machine Quilters. I would love to go sometime, if I could find out when and where they meet.
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