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  1. Customer quilts done My quilts not done -- 1 for DH, 1 for the family room, guild raffle quilt that I designed. Plus some small projects, I would like to get done, but don't have to. But my house was completely decorated on Monday, and I am almost done with the shopping for Christmas.
  2. My brother-in-law would so love this! He is a huge gator fan.
  3. Great idea, however, if my house is not clean, then I am stressed. I clean everyday, then I can go and have fun with my quilting toys.
  4. I do ask my customers if they want their quilt trimmed. Some do not, some want up to 4" left, and others want it trimmed to the edge of the quilt. When you trim the quilt, it is a nicer presentation when you give it back to the customer. Plus when you take pictures it looks so nice, no extra batting and backing showing.
  5. I personally would not have allowed the switch of customer A and customer B. Customer B would now be considered a "Rush Job" with a hefty fee. With 3 customers on a wait list, especially this time of year, I would have told customer A that switching spots was not going to happen.
  6. I am so proud of my big sister!!! She is really a talented seamstress/quilter/mother/wife. And sister.......
  7. Sending prayers for that sweet little boy and his family. The auction sounds like a wonderful idea. Hopefully APQS allows us to do this.
  8. There are so many great teachers. Here are my top 3 favorites: Dawn Cavanaugh, Jamie Wallen & Linda Taylor. They are excellent teachers, they take time with each and every student in their classes. They offer praise and words of encouragement to everyone. But they are just a lot of fun to be around too.
  9. I use Carol Doak's foundation paper. The paper doesn't shrink when you use steam with your iron. Plus the paper tears off very easily, as long as you shorten your stitch length.
  10. Joan, I made one about 6 years ago, and I did not put batting in it. I made it like Corey, but, I was worried about the seam turning/rolling. So I solved that problem by doing a zigzag or decorative stitch around the edge of the minke quilt.
  11. Congratulations! I was at the show on Saturday, and your quilt was beautiful. The quilting was awesome.
  12. I have also been "burned" by one of these appointments. My thoughts on the potential customers who do all of the things that have been talked about here: - They (LA's) don't have a real job, it is just a hobby in their home. I have heard that comment way to many times. I like the idea of limiting their appointment time, 15 minutes should be plenty. If it goes over, let them know there will be a charge of $xx that is refunded should you quilt their quilt. Why do some people think that it is okay to watch us, or show up late for appointments and not call? You can't do that with other professionals..........
  13. I replaced mine a couple of years ago. I did pretty much what Angie did, except I used Carpet tape. This was recommended by Amy at APQS. Once I had the old leaders removed and any excess adhesive on the conduit pipe removed, then I placed my double sided carpet tape. I lightly pressed this on the pipe, just in case I need to straighten it out. Once the tape was on, then I lined up the canvas leaders on the carpet tape, just pressing lightly again until the leader on was on the length of the pipe. Then pressed down securely with my hands. Before you take off your old leaders, make sure you know which way your leaders roll on to the pipes. I marked the end of my pipes with blue painters tape and an arrow. It really is pretty easy to replace your old leaders, just take your time.
  14. When you have to spend time marking a quilt, (I use chalk that I can wipe off) what do you use to mark? Do you charge a flat rate for marking or what?
  15. This thread is very helpful. I was contacted yesterday to make 3 memory quilts. Her husband passed away 2+ years ago, and wants to have a throw made for each of her kids. She has t-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, ties. These will take some time prepping everything. My son thinks I should give a flat rate for the prep, and sewing of the tops and then the quilting would be a separate charge. Of course she would pay for all of the extra fabrics, stabilizers needed.
  16. Thanks! I think that is is the right one.
  17. Looking for the post about setting up a Facebook page with your quilt pictures. I can't remember who posted it, but it was pretty cool. Thanks for your help.
  18. I have found that a rush job, is not necessarily a rush job. A customer came and needed their quilt done right away, so I gave her the $25.00 rush fee quote. No problem she says. I found out later, that the reason she gave me for needing the quilt done right away was not true. So now, I give a $50.00 rush fee quote. If they truly need it right away, they will pay it, otherwise they just say "put me in your line up, no big hurry.
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