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  1. I also had the orange handled clamps with the elastic and a little clamp bracket. I replaced them with the grip lite clamps. My end brackets were put on with velcro originally. I took off the bracket with the velcro and left the other velcro on the machine frame. Works great -- I like the velcro over the elastic.
  2. Monika, You definitely did the right thing. My business cards have on them, "Smoke-free, pet-free home" "Smoke-free, pet-free quilts only". I have actually had new customers say they do not smoke, or they don't have pets. But yet when they drop off their quilts, there is pet hair on them. When I tell them I can not take the quilt, their comments run from -- "My pet doesn't shed, (yet you can see the pet hair)" or " It really isn't that bad, can't you take it anyway?" My son, who is away at college, has allergies, so no I do not want to take those quilts.
  3. Lisa, What kind of wheels do you have? I have the edgerider wheels on my machine. After every quilt I cleam the wheels, where they meet the rails. I do this with rubbing alcohol and q-tips. I then use batting scraps that I cut into smaller squares 3x3 and put some rubbing alcohol on them and wipe of the rails. The next day when I start I rewipe the rails with alcohol. You will notice alot of black oxidation on the batting if you have not been wiping them off regularly. I asked my son who is a chemistry student what I could do to prevent it. He suggested waxing the rails, oil or grease. Obiviously oil and gease are not an option. If the wax would work, I would do it. I just don't know anyone who uses wax. Good luck,
  4. Beth, This is what I did on a customers Tumbling Block quilt. Across the top of each block (light -- your gold) I did ribbon candy. I put the same number of ribbons in each block. This way I could travel alll the way across the row. Then on the dark/medium (your blue & pink) I quilted continous curves, again allowing me to travel all the way across and back.
  5. Mercedes, I also bought my machine used, 3 1/2 years ago. No manuals came with it, so it was figure it out on your own. My machine felt like I was driving a truck, so I bought edgerider wheels and DH put them on. It moved smoother, but not as smooth as the new ones. So I ordered the manual on CD from APQS -- printed it out -- couldn't find out what to do. Took a class on machine maintenace from Amy at MQS 2009 -- received a maintenace manual -- came home and DH looked at what it said about the wheels. The little nuts for the wheels have to be lined up a certain clock position -- all the same way. It now glides along smoothly. I hope you get your machine figured out soon so you can enjoy it.
  6. Yvonnie, Happy New Year to you! Are you having beautiful weather in New Zealand? My DH and I travelled to New Zealand -- Hawkes's Bay -- for 2 weeks in October of 2007. Our oldest daughter was student teaching down there for 4 1/2 months. We absolutely loved your beautiful country and plan on returning.
  7. All of my customer quilts are now done! The 3 memory quilts that I had to quilt -- DONE. With the help of another longarmer and great friend. She quilted one of the quilts (not counted in the 3), my sister did all the prep work and piecing of these quilts for me. Another one of my customers had decided she wanted her 2 quilts for christmas gifts -- DONE. Plus 2 more customer quilts - DONE. Pieced my godson's quilt, quilted -- DONE. Quilt for my brother and sister-in-law -- DONE. My daughters Minnesota Twins quilt -- DONE. Daughters boyfriends quilt -- DONE. Quilt for my niece -- DONE. I am now taking a week or two off from quilting for customers. Merry Christmas!
  8. I have 3 customer quilts -- edge to edge -- these are memory quilts that my sister pieced and I have to quilt; one customer just sent an e-mail wanting to know if she could have hers for Christmas. It is 130 x 130 -- flannel top & back and 2 layers of batting. My response was "I don't believe that will happen". Over the last week, I have had customers calling and asking if they could get their quilts before Christmas as they decided to give it as a gift. It drives me crazy when they do this, I asked them if it was a gift for Christmas when they dropped it off. Plus I have 5 tops of my own that I would like to quilt for Christmas gifts. Is it possible to get all of this done? I think I can -- a good friend of mine also a LA has already done some of my customer quilts. What would we do with out great friends.
  9. There seems to be a lot of repetative classes from past years. Plus alot of the classes are about feathers, not every quilt can handle feathers. I am only taking 5 classes, but allowing time for shop hopping on Monday. I like Mary Beth's idea of volunteering, have not done that before but maybe I will try it out this year. Allowing more time in the vendor mall and looking at the quilts is such a good idea. In the past I was usually too tired after all the classes I took to enjoy the vendor mall and quilts. Definitely allowing more time this year.
  10. I printed mine out monday night, and I have my classes all picked out! Where do all of you stay when you go to MQS? A group of us will be staying at the Chase Suite Hotel, it is a great place.
  11. Barb, The classes for MQS 2010 were posted last night on their website. www.imqa.org Time to start planning for another fun week.
  12. I am the youngest of 8 kids, raised on a farm in western Minnesota. Started sewing my own clothes at the age of 9. Worked in a nursing home in high school. Married my high school sweetheart 25 years ago. We have 3 wonderful children, 24, 22, 20 years of age. We had decided that if we had kids, I would be a stay at home mom. Keep in mind that once they started school I was the mom to call for volunteering. When the kids were in elementary and junior high, they thought it was odd that I did not work like all of their friends moms did. But they did like the fact they could bring all their friends over after school and there would be fresh cookies, bars etc. Now that our kids are adults and 2 of the are in the working world, teachers, they have thanked me for being home for them. That to me is the greatest reward. I have been quilting since 1992, bought my Millie in 2006. I truely enjoy quilting for other people, but the greatest job is being a Mom.
  13. I followed the instructions above and I think I was able to load my picture.
  14. Bonnie, I did check out Wal-mart, but no MLB Twins fabric in cotton. I did buy the fleece with twins on it. Connie, Thanks for looking for me, I did see the twins on ebay, but a FQ was 18.99. But I did buy the fleece for the backing. I am heading down to Des Moines on Wednesday, so maybe some of the vendors will have baseball themed fabrics and I can just work with that. Sharon
  15. I have looked at Hancocks and JoAnns, also on e-bay for the fabric. I was even hopeful that I could find sheets, but no such luck. I will keep looking Sharon
  16. I am looking for the licensed Minnesota Twins baseball fabric. My daughter in Scottsdale is a HUGE Twins fan. She called a week ago and said she had an idea for a christmas present, "A Minnesota Twins quilt". I have been looking on line, but all I can come up with is the fleece, which I already have for the backing. Is anyone has some, please contact me. I am hoping for 3 yards, but will take whatever I can get. Thanks, Sharon
  17. Madelyn, I sent you a U2U. Sharon Woodbury, MN
  18. I have attended the Quilting and Sewing Expo in Minneapolis a number of times. It should be called the Sewing Expo since there is very little quilting. Personally I would not take the time to go there, but to hit some of our great quilt stores in the Twin Cites.
  19. Bonni, I plan on keeping track of my time, the thread, bobbins, number of thread changes etc. I am not going to worry about charging them my normal charge. Like my husband says "You are running a business, not a charity". Anyone planning their trip MQS 2010? I will be there and would love to meet you gals. Sharon
  20. Ladies, Thanks for all the words of wisdom. Linda, I really liked your comment about having the other lady prove she donated a similar amount in goods/services. My guild is 50ish members and most of them give alot to charity projects etc. I guess I will just have to do what feels right and hopefully I won't end up being a quilter without a guild. Sharon
  21. My guild is having their quilt show in 2010 and I was asked to quilt the raffle quilt. I just found out that someone in the guild thinks that our members who are long arm quilters should not charge the guild for the quilting. It should be donated. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I have had my longarm business for 3 1/2 years and everyone in the guild know this, so it is not a hobby. Sharon D
  22. The grease is "White Lithium Grease" If you have the APQS Machine Maintenance Manual, it is on page 53.
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