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  1. Gorgeous! It is so much fun to quilt your own quilts.
  2. That is stunning! Looking forward to a picture of the finished quilt.
  3. Sharon, It was great to meet with you yesterday. You really have done a lot of research on what you want in a longarm machine and in the computerized system as well. You will be very happy when you join the APQS family. Looking forward to talking with you soon.
  4. That is awful! Our Minnesota State Fair starts on Thursday, and they have a lot of quilts. The top winner from each of the county fairs, if they enter the state fair, are hung on large panels, kind of like a flip book. The rest of the entries are on display I huge glass cases. I have not entered anything in the state fair, not sure if they have had any issues with quilts disappearing.
  5. Has anyone used these rulers that Terry mentioned? I would love to try them, but looking for feed back from people who have used them. Thanks!
  6. Terry, Thanks for posting the link for the rulers. I saw the video a couple of months ago and could not remember who they were by so I could order them.
  7. Sharond


    If you do customer quilts down the road,you should let them know you have a cat who loves your quilting studio. You can and will have customers who do have allergies to cats. It is best to disclose pet Information. My business is listed as per free and smoke free, since I have allergies to both.
  8. At MQS this year, Jamie Wallen recommended using cheap dollar store hairspray to lightly mist over your chalk powder with the stencil still in place. He said that this would hold the chalk powder in place so you could quilt your design. Remove its a batting scrap. Always do a test before doing this on a customer quilt, since you do not know if the fabrics have been washed or how old they are.
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