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  1. I would first clean the entire bobbin housing area. The entire area is full of lint and stuff. Also, the picture of your just bobbin case, at the top of it you have a little metal hook. I do not have that on any of my bobbin cases. Does anyone else? Could this be the reason she is having an issue getting her bobbin in?
  2. Janice, If you go to www.apqs.com then click "online store" tab. Once in the store, click "Parts and Notions", scroll down until you see the "Bobbin Case Spring Brake". It is a good idea to have a few on hand.
  3. I have quilted several embroidered quilts, that were Crabapple Hill designs. In quilting each block, I did quilt into the embroidery, but not onto the embroidery on the seams. Attached is a picture of one of the blocks.
  4. Nice job! Love the quilting, your curved cross hatching looks great.
  5. That is so cool, looks like you had fun quilting it.
  6. That is stunning! I love all of the different backgrounds that you did.
  7. I will be there, arriving Monday, May 11th. My friend Lila has a 1 PM class on Monday. Leaving on friday afternoon. There will be 8 of us attending. We are looking forward to having it close to us, 4 1/2 hours driving time.
  8. You always have such great advice. Love the quilting!
  9. Wow! The quilting is beautiful!
  10. Nice job! I will be handing out 12 or 13 QOV at a Wounded Warrior Gala the end of this month. It is an honor to piece/quilt for our veterans.
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