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  1. Love the quilt, but your quilting is fabulous!
  2. Great article! I have had many people ask how much for my quilts, just like the article said, they comment they can get it at a big box store for $50.00. I smile and say "Yes, but mine you will have for a lifetime".
  3. I will sometimes get a signal for thread breakage or low bobbin. However, the wheel where you wrap the thread counter clockwise 3 times, the thread has slipped off towards the machine head. My machine a a next generation Millie 2013
  4. I am looking for preprinted labels for QOV quilts. Last summer or early fall I saw some preprinted labels, but I can not find them when I do a search for them. The labels included thanking them for their service, a place to write their name and date. If anyone has any idea where to find these, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. The lead time will depend on your machine. I checkedinto Quilt Path for a customer right before Christmas, her machine is a Freedom SR. At that time it was a week lead time.
  6. A girlfriend of mine had the same problem a few years ago with the chair and mat from Gammill. They had carpet in the basement that was a thick shag. Her husband mounted the mat onto 1/2" plywood, it worked great.
  7. What you did for the family is priceless. It is so beautiful, and like Linda said "It makes me smile".
  8. I also use my channel lock to get a nice straight line on my backing and batting. Then line the top of the quilt on that line. I will pin baste the top completely, measuring as I go to make sure athe top is staying square (or manipulating it to be square if my customer brought it in out of square). Then I go back to the top and start my stitch in the ditch work if the quilt is custom.
  9. Congratulations! Wouldn't it be wonderful to see them all in person!
  10. Great idea! I saw it at Machine Quilting Today in August.
  11. Teresa, I agree with your idea if quilting. Outline the snowmen, detailing the hats, etc. Simple background fill -- could be more snowflake meandering -- the snowflake meander the pieced areas.
  12. Barb mentioned the 2 screw hopping foot, just wondering if you checked that out. I looked at mine yesterday, and it has 2 screws. If it is from the hopping foot, I would think the foot would be a little loose.
  13. What a wonderful gift this niece is receiving. Thanks for sharing the story!
  14. Last year on Christmas day, our oldest daughter surprised me. She was living in Tarsus, Turkey where she was teaching school. Long story shortened.....I has been sick for almost two months with bronchitis and pneumonia, add on some news about your parents. So on Christmas day, while I helping our other daughter out with a baby quilt, the door bell rings. It was our oldest daughter who flew home to suprise me on Christmas. My husband and her boyfriend were in on the suprise, our son changed his work schedule so he could see his sister. Daughter #2 and her husband were also here. Best Christmas ever! So this year, I don't need any "things", life is great!
  15. Her daughter will cherish this quilt. Beautiful job on the quilting!
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