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  1. That is really cute. Loving the bright colors and the quilting.
  2. I did replace the leaders on my last machine, I ordered them from APQS.
  3. When I load my backing fabric, I roll it onto the backing roller. Then advance it onto the take up roller, paying attention to any ripples and sagging. Then I reverse roll it back on to the backing roller. Doing it this way I find I don't end up with ripples or sagging.
  4. Praying for the outcome that Madison desperately needs. She needs to have family around her who love her like you do!
  5. Great topic! I recently finished a custom quiilt for a customer, 60 x72. This was Gardeners Alphabet by CrabApple Hill. It is embroidery that is first colored. She did a beautiful job on this! It involved going around the embroidery and into some of the embroidery work. She wanted the threads buried, there were a lot of them. This quilt took 55+ hours to quilt it. Definitely did not charge enough. Here is a picture of the "Poppy" block
  6. I had the same problem on my first Millie. I met Dawn C. at Quilting in the Waterfront in August of '06. Dawn was so nice, she drew the machine and showed how to fix this problem. I still have her instructions and drawing she did. When I got home and did what she said, it took care of the problem. I had to do this once or twice a year. It is great to have such awesome support from the staff at APQS!
  7. Love, love, love it! That piecing and colors are stunning, I do love batiks. The quilting is gorgeous and enhances the quilt top.
  8. Stunning! I am not a big 30's fan, but I love this quilt.
  9. That is great news. I have gone to Overland Park for 6 years I believe, but when they moved it to Wichita it was just too far.
  10. Update on my machine. I received the new rear axel, my DH installed it yesterday and it runs perfectly. No more pausing/stalling. Thanks to Amy for calling me after the office was closed on Wednesday to solve my problem.
  11. Dawn, That is pretty much what Amy had us do on Wednesday. Amy concluded that I needed a new rear axel with the encoder wheel/box. She was going to send that off on Thursday. I have not received it yet, hopefully tomorrow. Once my DH attaches the new rear axel, I will post to let you know it is working, hopefully. Thanks for responding to me.
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