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  1. Wow! I thought that I had some quilts with "issues" in the past. But nothing like that one.
  2. Thanks Linda! I have used the Bohin white mechanical pencil, but not the purple air erase marker.
  3. Linda, What do you use for marking on your customer quilts?
  4. Sylvia, Here is the link to Sue Heinz website. Her books are fabulous!! http://kismetquilting.wix.com/kismet-quilting
  5. I piece with Aurifil for all of my piecing.
  6. I had carpal tunnel surgery 4 years ago on my right hand. Prior to the surgery, I would get pain in that arm, but found that if I controlled the machine with my fingers, instead of gripping the handles that helped immensely. I no longer have any issues with pain from carpal tunnel. Good luck!
  7. Monday I returned from Quilt Festival in Houston, we had a blast during the entire show. I completed 3 QOV quilts on Wednesday. Thursday I picked up a friend at 5:30 AM and drove 2 1/2 hours to help a friend out with her QOV group sewing day. Left there about 2:30 to drive the 2 1/2 hours back home.
  8. I will be there Wednesday thru Sunday. Hopefully I will see some of you ladies there!
  9. I have the Pfaff Expression 4.0 machine. I love the machine, however, 2 years ago it would not make buttonholes. So my dealer sent it to the factory for repair. When I finally -- 2 1/2 months later -- got it back, the stitch length was not working right. The stitches would be different every time I turned it on. I don't even remember how many times they replaced mother boards. Then this past August, it would change the stitch length as I was stitching. Definitely not a good thing. So the dealer shipped it back to the factory. They just got my machine back, however, the dealer said the screen has lines in it. So they are going to try to fix it. Hopefully my machine will be working when I get it back.
  10. So far this week I have quilted 5 QOV quilts, and I fall wallhanging for a friend.
  11. That is beautiful! I am working on a customer's Halloween quilt, which I will hopefully finish today. Plus I have to pack for the AQS show in Des Moines.
  12. Anne, It looks like you are having a great time quilting. Keep posting pictures, I love to see what you are doing.
  13. I am going to Houston, first time. Fly in October 30, and fly out Monday, Nov. 4th. 48 days......................
  14. A couple of years ago, I was commissioned to do a memory quilt. This was from her father-in-laws old button down shirts. Once the quilt was pieced, quilted and binding done I contacted her. It took her 6 weeks to respond to me, not months or a year. However, I had to purchase any additional fabrics for this project. So I had additional costs besides the piecing and quilting costs. This was a large quilt, with a 4 figure price tag. Once she sent the check, and it cleared the bank, I sent her the quilt. To this day I have not heard from her again. The lesson I learned from that customer, is any commissioned work will now have a down payment of 50%.
  15. Stunning! I love it all, and it would be great to see it in person.
  16. Janice, On my first Millie, 2002, I had the original factory wheels, upgraded to Edgeriders and then the M & M. The M & M wheels were awesome. In April I purchased "The Next Generation Millie" with bliss. Love the bliss system. No more arm, shoulder or neck aches. If you can afford to get bliss you definitely should. If you would like to see/try my machine just send me a message. I am an APQS Rep and would love to help you out.
  17. Wow! You are a miracle worker. I am sure your customer will be thrilled with the quilting.
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