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  1. I have Hobb's 80/20 120" wide for sale. It is on a roll, and I do alot of big quilts for customers, so I do go through this quickly.
  2. Your daughter would learn alot from making the Farmer's wife quilt. However, the book really does not have any instructions in my opinion. There are templates, or you can purchase a cd that work with EQ to paper piece it. That is how I have been making mine. Keep us posted on her progress.
  3. Teresa, I sold my '02 Millie in March, and I got exactly what I was asking for it. Last week I also sold my Bernina 150 for what I was asking. No one tried to get me to lower the prices on either machine. I agree with RitaR that you should price it at what it is worth. You mentioned in your post that you checked on what the price should be, was that with APQS? Do you have any tools, books, that you are no longer using? You could list those items to go with the machine, along with a "lesson" on loading the quilt, oiling, quilting simple designs. Have you tried listing it on Craig's List? Good luck!
  4. I am back home from the QOV bus trip. Today I get to play on my new machine. Well, if you call making pockets on my leaders for Red Snappers playing We got home on Friday from the trip, then on Saturday we moved our son to his new apartment in another state. So now it is my time with my Millie.
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments! All of the quilts (950 final count) were made by the Perham, Fergus Falls, and Alexandria/Osakis QOV group from Minnesota. We were at Fort Knox today (4/29/2013). Wednesday we will travel to Fort Campbell, KY. What a wonderful group of men and women!
  6. My brand new Next Generation Millie arrived Wednesday afternoon. It is new all set-up and she is so pretty! However, I do not get to play on her for a week My DH helped me get it set-up and then said maybe he would use Millie when I am gone. I am leaving in a few hours for a QOV Bus trip to Fort Campbell and Fort Knox, Kentucky. We have 910 quilts in the belly of the bus to deliver. If anyone wants to follow along, they have a blog qovmission.blogspot.com
  7. The pattern is Keyhole by Anka's Treasures -- Heather Mulder Peterson. The pattern is in a book called "On A Roll Again". I am actually sitting under this quilt this morning while checking out e-mails and the APQS Forum.
  8. Anne, That is absolutely stunning! You did a great job on that quilt.
  9. This has been an "unusual" spring! But the upside is that we know this snow will not last long. My lilacs are starting to get the leaf buds, bud who knows what will happen now.
  10. I feel your pain. It is terrible when you are taken advantage of by a customer, family or not. Last year I had a customer who was not responding to any of my e-mails regarding her quilt was done, nor did she respond to phone messages. It took 2 1/2 months to collect the money from her, but I told her up front that she would not get her quilt until I had been paid and the check cleared at the bank. Good luck! Hopefully your niece will pay you soon.
  11. I ordered my new one on Thursday. Now I can't wait to get it!!!
  12. Thank you to everyone who inquired about my Millennium. It is sold!! So I will be ordering the Next Generation Millennium.
  13. I have now included everything that will be going with my machine.
  14. Great job Anne! Congratulations on selling your quilt.
  15. knlsmith, I just cleared a bunch of old messages out, so there should be room for your e-mail.
  16. knlsmith -- can you send me a message and I will give you the details.
  17. She is expecting exceptional quilting on these quilts. So she should know that will not be cheap. I think you should charge by the hour, including the consultation with her, the design time and the quilting time. Let her know how many hours went into the quilting. Good Luck! Post pictures when you are done
  18. I just listed a few other things that will be going with the machine.
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