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  1. 2002 Millennium with a 14 foot table and tons of extras for sale. UPDATE 2002 APQS Millennium with 14 foot table Throat size of 26" x 10.5" Weight 49 lbs On-demand Precision Stitch Regulator Smart Bobbin Two-stage automatic needle positioner Single-stitch function Front and rear laser light Electronic channel locks for both horizontal and vertical straight-line quilting Stand alone bobbin winder Synchronous Belt Drive Lower thread cutter What are the extra's: dual vertical spool holder dual horizontal spool holder Hartley Fence with Myrna Ficken's workbook and DVD stand alone bobbin winder power fabric advance M & M wheels 1 dozen bobbins 2 bobbin cases APQS Manual on CD that I printed out zippered leaders and extra set 1 extra flourescent light bulb for the machine micro drive handles 2 sets of 2 featherlight side clamps 2 batting bars under the machine Chair and mat -- so you are able to sit and quilt Over head lighting bar with 11 Halogen lights Books & Rulers: Follow the Quilting Designs volume 1 & 2 Easy Machine Quilting 6 books by Pam Clarke Simply Continuous Flora & Fauna by Anne Bright Simply Continuous Made Easy by Anne Bright Mini Curve ruler from Sew Clear -- used for continuous curves Applique Helper from Linda's Electric Quilters set of 2 templates to use to make 4 sizes of scallops set of 3 templates for continuous curves Buyer moves the machine and pays any costs for moving. If you are interested, please contact me at: quirkyquilting@comcast.net I am located in Woodbury, MN.
  2. I keep my piecing books separate from my books for quilting ideas. The books are organized by type of quilting -- piecing, applique, paper piecing, etc. then alphabetical by author and title. My long arm books are organized in the same way. I can find a book that I am looking for in a matter of minutes. Also, my single quilt patterns (in those little clear bags) are organized the same way in a binder. They are all in plastic sleeves, so it makes it really easy to find what you are looking for and you can also see the instructions without having to open the bag, unfold the pattern and shove it back in the clear bag when you are done. Have fun organizing your books!
  3. Beautiful! I love sneaking in feathers on background fills. It is a nice little surprise for the customer.
  4. A year ago, Bruce of SewBatik contacted me to quilt a quilt for them that will be in their booth at shows. I am mentioned as the quilter. They have a kit available for the quilt, so I am posting a link. http://www.sewbatik.com/detail.aspx?ID=1243
  5. Love the quilting! I took a class from Angela, she is so down to earth.
  6. Our son just finished painting yesterday the formal living room, need to move furniture back now. Then pick up my husband from the airport, he has been traveling in Asia for 2 weeks for work. Then back downstairs to work on our daughter's wedding quilt "Bali Wedding Star" by Quiltworx. I did quitl a baby quilt on Sunday, I have 2 small wallhangings to custom quilt, 3 quilts to baste.
  7. Heidi, Do you think this would work with Picassa? That is what I have been using for years.
  8. Ardelle, Thank you for the nice comments on my Frost on the Ferns. I had so much fun quilting the background. It is fun to do something different, not traditional, and what I did on Frost on the ferns is my style of quilting.
  9. Thank you for all the nice comments! I will see if I can post bigger pictures using flickr.
  10. This is a wallhanging that my small group applique decided to work on. Everyone picked the fabrics that they like to work with and since I love batiks, mine is all batiks. I used Hobbs 80/20 with Hobbs Wool on top for the batting, and then had a blast quilting it.
  11. I recently received a request for a start to finish T-shirt, that she wanted done for Christmas. So I put together an estimate for the prep work, piecing, quilting, and binding. Her response to my estimate was "That is out of my comfort range". Which is totally fine with me, since I am working on my daughter's wedding quilt that I need to have done for her wedding on December 29. Sometimes when customers call and want to have their quilt quilted in a short amount of time, I get the feeling that since we are a "home" based business, we are just sitting around waiting for their calls. I would love to know how to get the message out to customers, that if they want it done for Christmas they need to have it to me by a certain date.
  12. I just added Dawn's hot to post a picture post. It shows up in "Content/Follow" in the drop down list under your name. But I still can not find my old "Favorites" from the old forum. Would love to have those back.
  13. I have also been trying to find all of my favorites. Would love to have those back!
  14. Thanks for the great weekend of sewing! I had a blast as usual. We just need to do this more often!
  15. Janette, I have Angela's new book and it is fabulous. She has a quilt in there where she used different size pebbles, and some other background fills. She shows how to have the pebbles change in sizes, by mixing the sizes till you get to the size next size you want. Have fun quilting that quilt.
  16. I am looking for any George owners that are close to St. Paul, MN. A friend of mine is considering buying George and would like to try it again. She did try one in Paducah. Thanks, Sharon
  17. That is so funny, but so true for me! It was around 1988/89, my DH said to me one day after work, "What do you do all day?" I was a stay at home mom. So the next day, I left the kids in their pj's, dishes on the table, toys not picked up, you get the idea. From that day forward, he understood what it takes daily to have a neat house when he walks through the door.
  18. Dinner sounds great on Thursday, but I have class until 6 PM. Hopefully I will see all of you at the show sometime.
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