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  1. Do you apply binding on your longarm? I am going to try this new tool I've learned about. Victoria G
  2. Do you apply binding on your longarm? I am going to try this new tool I've learned about. Victoria G
  3. Congrats Tammie, Join us at the Yahoo IQ forum. vg
  4. And thanks to Heidi K. for the best pictures of the winning quilt. Congratulations Marilyn. Victoria G
  5. If you are flying into TF Green Airport code PVD Airport Shuttle Service TF Green is the airport in Providence. For previous MQX attendees, it is similar in size and accessibility to the convention hotels as Manchester. The airport code is PVD. The nearest airport to the hotels and convention center is TF Green Airport in Providence (approximately 7 miles). The city-subsidized shuttle service is the least expensive ride to the hotels which, at this time, is $11 per person. International students will probably have to fly into Boston's Logan International Airport or Hartford, Connecticut first for customs services and either fly onto Providence, rent a car or catch a bus to Providence. The Providence Airport Shuttle is located outside of baggage claim. The shuttles are big, gray busses that are clearly labeled "Providence Airport Shuttle" on the sides. I arrive Tuesday afternoon, leave Sunday morning. And am staying at the Westin. I look forward to finding the blue ribbons! Victoria G
  6. Michelle. What is bothering your eye is the value change. Trust your "feel" for this. You want the values to cascade away from the center. Find a fabric color that cascades correctly and it will "feel" right too. You might move the second row of the lights to be the darkest of the light side, if you can find something in between. Or find a fabric just slightly darker than row two to go on the outside. Victoria G
  7. Joan, Only look at it from the customer perspective, consider this example. As a customer you want something delivered across country. As the customer do you care if it was delivered via a manual transmission truck, or an automatic? The customer does not care about that. They do care about damage to their items, and quick delivery time. The owner of a quilt top wants quality work in a timely manner. They do not care if the longarmer is working mornings or afternoons, is left handed or right handed, HAS A COMPURTERIZED MACHINE OR NOT. Not everything that we care about as a longarmer is value added to the customer. So until a computerized longarmer brings more value to the customer, the customer is not going to pay more. Victoria G
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I pray you all find true joy in the gift giving. It is a blessing to imitate the first real gift giver. For God so loved the world He gave His only Son.... Victoria G In very snowy MN.
  9. I used a 4 x 8 sheet of pink foam board insulation. I covered that with a very pale yellow flannel that is held in place by duck tape on the back side. The flannel is enough to hold small pieces. But it is nice to be able to pin larger heavier quilt tops to it too. Victoria G
  10. Anne What are you really going to want? Meals in the freezer, and cleaning help. Just so you can be quilting. All the ideas above are good too. Victoria G
  11. Roberta, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. My father had ALS and it is difficult for the one who has it along with the family. We found hospice to be a great resource for information. Victoria G
  12. Helen, I think anyone with the edgeriders would encourage you to get them. The computer option is much more expensive, so consider that carefully. However, I notice machines for sale. No one sells a used computer system. So there also, once you get the computer no one goes back to only freehand. Victoria G
  13. Cheri, Thanks for sharing. That story is a blessing. Victoria G
  14. Susan your work is beautiful. It is so stunning. When all is done the eye will naturally go to the lovely detail on the top and the border is not going to be the focus. So you can relax. But you will know, so I would suggest to steam it first. Then, if it is still "full" add another layer of batt just along the white border. Baste that all down well. Your border design looks free hand so go slow and use your fingers (carefully) to ease in the fullness. Victoria G