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  1. I so totally agree with everything said, everything about this quilt is over the top wonderful!
  2. Congratulations, Kay, your quilting is spectacular on a very beautiful quilt!!!
  3. Lin, I had oil leaking out In the LED light area and on the right handle. I was oiling when my finger didn't come off wet when rubbed over each wick.. Amy told me to wait until the wicks feel dry before adding a couple of drops. The wick on the side is always wet, I never oil that one.
  4. I completely agree with your comments, Lynn. Well, except that I use Rainbows a lot without any silicone and never have a problem. However, I have read enough comments about thread on this forum to realize that threads act differently on different machines. My first sewing machine was a Singer that I routinely took apart to clean and oil. My Pfaff needs machine oil in the bobbin area but is "self-oiling" and I can hear it "squirt" when I turn it on! I am warned not to oil it anywhere but the bobbin case after cleaning because too much oil attracts thread dust. I also have a Juki that I have used alot, mainly for machine quilting before Millie, and it had places where I needed to oil frequently. Millie has those little wicks that I over-oiled in the beginning, but Amy at APQS set me straight when I sent her back for a Spa treatment. My point is there are a lot of different machines with very different requirements! With all my machines I have used the oil recommended by the manufacturer. That strategy has never failed me. I am sure though the oil today is probably a better product than 30+ years ago when I was oiling my Singer!!
  5. That is an adorable quilt! And I love the way you quilted it, the echo around the embroidery is perfect, love the simple sashing too!
  6. I am heading to harbor freight tomorrow! It is one chain that we have here, and hopefully they will have some of these.
  7. I so love it when everyday tools are re-purposed for long arm quilting! I had never heard of this, Linda, thanks for posting. Marilyn I chuckled over you DH calling you gadget happy! At least he trusts this forum to set you straight! Linda, I am trying to find your book- where can I get a copy?
  8. Wow, I can't believe that quilt had any fullness problems- you did an absolutely beautiful job!!!
  9. I got a recommendation for the leader grips recently so am loving this discussion. I am still using pins (my zipper set is hiding safely somewhere in either my sewing room or my long arm room and I refuse to buy another until I find the first!), but have some clips that sound like what some of you are talking about. I bought them in the past year from countryquiltsandcrafts.com, they are called Long Arm Clips and you specify which machine you have. I use them to put a quilt back on quickly to fix something, or to throw a practice sandwich on the millie to try out a quilt pattern. I haven't checked the site lately.
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