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  1. I second that, Sue! Linda, I particularly love the background, perfect for the fabric and the spiky JN star in the middle. Another fantastic job!!
  2. Sooooo beautiful, Jennifer, how exciting to have your work hanging in the Houston show!! When I click on the picture, She stands up again. lol
  3. I love this quilt and you did a fabulous job, Valerie! I can almost feel the snow swirling!!
  4. I really love your flying geese!! I like the corners with the black, definitely not white, those colors look so good on the dark fabric, and you have some dark in the center. Are all the other fabrics batiks? This may be why you aren't liking the black solid. Maybe a really really dark batik, like the one you have used in the center?
  5. What a beautiful quilt! I also love those scrappy blues and tans. Don't you just love finally finishing those tops have been hanging around waiting for you to get your very own Longarm?!!
  6. Haven't done any quilting for over a month because of my hands. I am loving looking at all the beautiful work shown here, thanks for sharing! Teresa, I love the geese! Liam, you are very brave! Charlotte, great story about your QOV!! And I am so jealous- two of my favorite Longarm quilters. Though I have not taken a class from either, I am always drooling over their quilting and I do have a video from Lisa that I love. Have fun!!
  7. A great simple idea for the tablecloth, love your feathers. And I have been looking for a stocking, what a great idea to do it whole cloth style! They are beautiful!!!
  8. Teresa, i know from your previous posts that you take your teaching seriously and want to help your students. I bet you spend a lot of outside time thinking about how to reach your kids. I also have no teaching experience but I do have teachers in the family. The one thing I know from talking to them is that your staff support is so important! Your principal sounds like she is afraid of the students and their parents, and I am a little shocked that the counselor's solution is for YOU to take a drug to make YOU less anxious, when the student is the problem. You have gotten some great advic
  9. Have you tried rotating your needle clockwise just a tiny bit so that the the eye is at 6:35 instead of 6:30? This has solved problems with king tut for me. I feel for you-- it's a terrible thing to be staring down a big quilt with lots to go and stitch problems!!!!
  10. Maybe APQS could start removing the "reported" post also. If you are new to the forum and haven't seen this it can be alarming, especially if you are the poster right before the spam. I have reported a post as spam and would not mind it if my post went away with the spam post.
  11. Marci, I just saw one of these, very tricky and scary too. I was a little suspicious because the answer was not exactly on topic, the user was a newbie with only 1 post. Still, I often go to a member's website so this little trick is disturbing. Bullies and spammers have so much in common!!!
  12. I am visiting now with family in Portland , but had such a great time at the show. One of the very best parts was attending the dinner on Thursday and putting some real faces to the forum members! I would like to have spoken individually to each one of you but I ran out of steam and time! I hope we can do this again!!
  13. Barb, blue APQS ribbon sounds great- I can find that at the APQS booth? Can't wait to meet everyone!
  14. Was it decided how we will identify APQS forum members at the show? A ribbon on our badge?
  15. What a great picture and family story. That is so special that you all quilt together!!
  16. That must have been so tough to have to stay away from your new Millie! Excellent first quilts, keep up the great work.
  17. Congratulations, Delores!! Stick with this forum, a fantastic resource for long arming in general and your APQS machine in particular, not to mention a wonderful inspirational group of people!!!!
  18. Very pretty and bright!! Oh to still be wearing flip-flops!
  19. Welcome, Mary! This group is awesome, full of help and support!!
  20. I know on a PC it helps sometimes to clear out your files in your browser. You can probably do that on a Mac too, but I don't know how to do that on an iPad.
  21. I went from free motion quilting on a DSM just because of my neck and shoulder pain. It took some practice learning to use my Millie without developing back pain, and the two things Jim mentioned are what helped me. I got a saddle stool, and I lifted my table. I don't have a power lift and would highly recommend getting one. It was not that easy for my old bones to raise table and get it level, but it helped so much. I am dealing with osteoarthritis now in my hands which is slowing me down, but I will figure some way to keep on quilting. You don't say which machines you have tried, but
  22. 17,000 - Wow!! I have a hard time posting myself, and so appreciate that you share so generously your ideas, your advice, your beautiful work! Please don't stop!!!
  23. Beautiful, Dell, I love those bumpy feathers (not remembering what they are called) and the swirl in the middle fixes the area I always have a problem with-- my centers never look that great! What would we do without Linda R.?!? (If I could on my iPad, I would use that cute red faced adoring emoticon here ) )
  24. I am on an iPad and I see the question mark. The file type must be something else iPad can't see or process.....
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