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  1. Hey Bonnie, I have two Janome machines. All you need are the regular schmetz needles. If you are piecing, I always piece with the denim needles size 10. Extra sharp for the cotton. I had the 6500. (sold it and regretted it instantly).
  2. I was just trying to figure out if the leader grips are less bulky.
  3. Hey there,I have the red snappers and am having a hard time with them getting caught up on the clear plate that covers the thread cutter. They also get stuck between the leveler bar and the machine and I get a bumpy spot if they happen to need to be there. (Does that make sense?) Does any one know if the leader grips are less bulky? Thanks, Tracey
  4. Bonnie, I work part time for a Janome dealer. If you are not using the Janome needles then use Schmetz. That is what we sell. I also own the 6500 and I love it. The schmetz needles are really good.
  5. Do you know where that awesome black border print comes from?? I'd love to get some of that.
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