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  1. I really do think the poly is a good choice, because of the weight and the washability. Lots of things happen to these MS patients - things that usually aren't discussed in polite company (who, me?). Some folks hardly have any issues, and others suffer terribly. It's hard to know from person to person how the disease will affect them. It's a very individual, daily disease. Since we don't know how the friend is, I would personally error on the side of caution and go with the poly. This way, you won't be wrong, now or in the future...the poly will cover all the bases. But this is only my thoughts...and I hope it helps some. Debbie in Austin
  2. What about using BoNash? It's a product made for these types of circumstances. I haven't used it yet, but was very impressed with their demo at Houston last year, and bought some. It allows you to 'fuse' the hole with some of their powder and it really appears to work very well. You can't tell the repair, and it doesn't change the hand of the fabric or yellow over time. I would like to know if anyone else has used this product? It's only a matter of time before I give it a try myself Debbie in Austin
  3. My sister has MS, and also lives here in TX...where we are sweltering in the heat! I know when I make her quilts, she wants poly now. The thing is that MS patients often get many weird and very irritating/painful skin sensations, so any weight touching their skin can be very painful (makes my sister actually cry for hours with her legs). It's horrible. So, it's not what's in the quilt that so important, but the effect of the weight, for many. I know MS affects everyone a tad differently, depending upon which nerves in your brain it's 'eating', but these folks can get some really uncomfortable, to downright painful, sensations in the limbs (which feels like it's on the skin). Just our experience...Debbie in Austin
  4. I'm so sorry this happened - just saw the post. The same thing happened with me with this tool - using the white on green fabric. Never did get it all out - even with Magic Eraser (which scrubbed part of the green off and left the fabric a tad frayed in spots...). Nothing perfectly cleaned it off, because the white had literally bleached out the green! Bummer. It's a XMas quilt...so I just hang it really high You're quilt is very pretty! I can't see any markings. Debbie in Austin
  5. I have a brand new L Towa that I inherited. (I have a M machine and M Towa that I use all the time.) When I got it was brand new in box, with the plastic on it. Never has been used. If interested, send me a U2U.
  6. I have to admit I almost never see one company commenting so on their competitor. I am shocked.
  7. I think the fact that Maddie's mom is sleeping in a separate apartment and leaving the child(ren) in one upstairs alone is illegal and negligent under the age of 13 (at least that's the age in TX). Please see to it that a report is made, if this is true. All reports can be anonymous - you don't even have to give your name. That is a very scary situation - I'm in full agreement with you there! Sending prayers your way, for you and Maddie. You've really had your hands full lately
  8. I've done this also, with pretty good results. Just watch the cost, size and shipping. Know they usually aren't the best of fabrics, but are certainly good enough to practice on...something like JoAnn's vs. Quilt Shop fabrics was my experience. Anyway, it sure gave me some good practice - and a couple of nice tops I got became gifts I do recommend using PayPal so that you have recourse if something goes wrong. They'll refund your money if you get cheated...and do a pretty decent job!
  9. Heidi - I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I so hate that she's such a mean person! I do wonder what happens in people lives that make them so mean. Something, surely. At this point, you might really consider going ahead and spending the money on some facility/assisted living/etc. Once she runs out, she will be penniless, and there are programs that will pay for Nursing Home Care when that happens. Right before passing my dad had a major stroke, and had to live in one for the last 6 weeks - I had cared fully for him until then. How it worked was that the home took his entire SS check for the payment. No additional funds needed. He had no other assets in his name at this point. He was given $40 monthly from his SS check for misc. spending money. Perhaps letting her live the next 2 1/2 yrs wherever you find, getting an aid in if necessary while she's healing to help her dress/cook/eat/etc., might be worth it. You never know how she'll be in a couple of years, and without money, she will qualify for several programs at that point. Many things can happen over the next 2 years to change the entire situation. There are so many options available for the destitute, but it's hard to know/learn about them all. Every county, state, city and federal program is different. There are hundreds. Talk with someone who works in a Nursing Home, in the office. They know about the various programs available, and who qualifies for what. They will tell you which ones will help you, which ones pay the most, the best way to get her into another environment, and what will happen when she runs out of money. This is what my sister did for years - she had knowledge that most people had no clue of, I sure didn't...and more than our doctor who was an elderly specialist! A person such as this can help you more than you could possibly imagine, since they do the paperwork for the programs. A doctor knows mostly about Medicare/Medicaid and the ones that have requirements about his pay (like hospital to nursing home or rehab movement). They can't know everything Just something to think about. This way, everyone that could be happy, would be happy! And it would save your own sanity. Blessings to you...
  10. Remember I stated I was having this same issue using BottomLine? Well, I decided to go up a size in needle, to an 18, and it stopped! Fast or slow, sews like a dream now. I believe Superior recommends a 16 for BottomLine thread, if I remember correctly, but the 18 solved the issue for me. Just a thought
  11. What batting are you using? It's turning out lovely!
  12. Instead of buying the Grip Lite Clamps - I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy the Oxo Good Grip Clamps at 2 for 4.99 - 20% off coupon = cheap + awesome! These are fabulous. I've used them for years. Long before the Grip Lites came out, the Oxo's were out and doing a great business...from me anyway They look almost the same. Good Grip Clamps have a hole in the handle to put in velcro or elastic...I have a combo velcro with a strip of elastic. They really hold well onto the sides of fabric due to the rubber strip on the inside. Check them out. Debbie in Austin
  13. Great idea! I'm fighting this today myself. Am using BottomLine on top, prewound BL in bottom, double bat (wool and W&N), and it's a wholecloth. From time to time, it simply happens. I've loosened my top tension, with no effect. I did note it usually does happen when I go faster, rather than slower. (I try to keep slow...but it's hard sometimes!) I'll try a net. It had crossed my mind, but then I decided it probably wouldn't help. I didn't think that could be the problem since I already had foam in the thread mast, and I hardly ever have to use a net...silly me! Thanks for the advice...Any other thoughts are welcome! Debbie in Austin
  14. I'm happy you finally tried them! They are wonderful. I've been singing their praises since I first got mine, 2 or 3 yrs ago. I tell everyone not to buy the ones that are 'almost' like them for 20 bucks more (plus shipping) that are made especially for quilting...and break on occasion. These work like a charm, and I've never broken one. They're one of the best tools I own. It's the best $4.99 - 20% coupon I've ever spent Debbie in Austin
  15. So sorry for your losses. I know with all of them happening together, it makes for a very tough time. My heart goes out you. But, I do have to say that that is one beautiful quilt! The quilting really makes it special. Great job on that design Debbie in Austin