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  1. My friend has an Ultimate !! machine, and it seems to work great except when he tries to work on a t-shirt quilt, For some reason it starts skipping stitches a lot and can not quilt without skipping. We have tried different needles, thread, and lots of things, but it isn't just the areas of the t-shirts that have more texture to them. I was wondering if raising the foot would be of any help. It doesn't seem to drag or anything, but just trying to troubleshoot anything that would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Jeanne
  2. Great job, I am sure it he daughter will cherish it.
  3. Love the lion quilt and your son looks pretty happy with it as well.
  4. Dell that is gorgeous. I may have to look into making one myself. Love your colors and quilting.
  5. Beautiful quilt and I pray it will bring much comfort and healing to her.
  6. At the end of the show I was awarded Viewers Choice for Henry as well. So honored. Still pinching myself.
  7. These are my 2 elephant quilts that I won ribbons on at our guild quilt show. Henry won the judges choice and honorable menti9n ribbon and Ellie won an honorable mention ribbon.
  8. I am right there with you Mary Beth. Been waiting for the next contest. I need a Millie too. Now that I am retired I could run a computer and hand guided system right next to each other.
  9. I am planning on going to the Jacksonville show next thursday and Friday and wondered if APQS was going to be represented.
  10. Thanks everyone. I have wanted to teach them some sewing for awhile but this is the first summer we have found the time to do it. Trying to do some dresses as well. More pics to follow hopefully.
  11. Grand daughters visiting from Atlanta and they wanted to learn to sew. I gave them each a block of the month from left over guild projects. They each made their blocks and chose a fabric for the border and backing. They quilted the block on the long arm and then stitched it together with the serger. So they learned to use 3 machines. We are working on dress patterns now.
  12. It all went together great. I had the wronh decoders but APQS got the right ones to me in 2 days and all is up and working great now. They are the best!!
  13. I just added the handles to my 2007 Lenni. I love them. Not cheap though. I think right around $500.00 but well worth it. I also just upgraded to the bliss 12 ft table. So far I love it but only had a few minutes to test it out.
  14. Thank you. They are supposed to be sending me new cables to swap out.
  15. Do you belong to quilters of sc? I just registered for our October fall retreat today. Soon I will be retired and maybe we can meet up next time you come to PPQ
  16. So I have my bliss table all assembled and ready to go except I cannot connect the encoder cabes to my 2008 Lenni. The Cat5 cable is too large to fit the phone jack size on my Lenni. My rep is going to call APQS Monday morning. I was just wondering if anyone else ran into this problem? I'm hoping APQS has an adapters they can send out asap. Really would like to give it a try. I have a zipper system to put on and think it would go much easier with the stitch regulator than without. Me with obe of my helpers Ed O'Leary knocked it out in a morning
  17. Zeke Im going to repack the 10 foot table in the boxes my 12 foot table arrived in and save in my garage until you can come in July. That way all will be safe. Garage is pretty full as my son is living here for awhile with family and taking up much of my storage space.
  18. Although the boxes were a bit beat up in their travels all seems to be intact inside. I will see this morning as we begin our assembly. Getting my coffee this morning, already read over the assembly instructions last night, and then let the fun begin. We should have pictures by this afternoon. I am an optimist. This is my retirement present to myself for 27 and a half years working as a full charge bookkeeper at a dredging company. I'm not out yet, but keeping my fingers crossed that my 2nd trainee will not quit before I can get out. Wish me luck!
  19. Sure Zeke. It fits the Lenni machine, Not the bigger ones like the Millie or Lucy. Charlotte is not very far from me. Kids used to live there. Only about 3 hours depending on where in Charlotte you live. Call when you are ready. 843 224 7313.
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