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  1. Waiting on my phone call. I told God that if I won the machine it would be a sign to me that he wants me to quit my day job and retire into the quilting business. who knows, If God wants me to do that then I am sure he will make it happen. Lots of best wishes to everyone. I hope the winner is very happy!!
  2. Praying for you to withstand the rest of your hospital stay. and also a little prayer for the nurses to be patient as well as you. No one likes being in the hospital and we all get cranky. Love and prayers for all.
  3. May the Lord Jesus heal your mersa and make you ready for your surgery, May his spirit rest upon you and bring you Peace. Love and prayer to our Sweet Rita.
  4. I aslo used the accu cutter and I too had to skinny down the seam quite a lot. they would be okay on the bottom but the top would be too narrow, and then once it was wider then the 1/4 inch seam sometimes was too small on the top. I think next time I will use my rulers. Although the cutting was much faster I think the accuquilt doesn't give you enough seam allowance to work with.
  5. It looks like you and Lenni are rocking and rolling along. great job
  6. prayers for both Rita and her Hubby. May the Lord keep and sustain you both. Love and Prayers.
  7. Sew the fun begins. So happy to be doing a mystery again this year. I get so excited I just can't help my self. LOL
  8. Well I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday and got motivated to start the En Provence Mystery 1st clue It was 4 patches made out of background fabrics. mine are ALL DONE!! So how did everyone do?
  9. Mary Beth choose different colors for the mystery. I usually pick different colors but this time her colors are so pretty that I am staying with hers.
  10. I ordered the new triangle ruler the day the intro came out and got it this week. It was on back order. You certainly can do the mystery quilt without the special rulers, she gives several different ways to make the units if you don't have the rulers that she used. so don't feel pressured to buy extra rulers to do the mystery. they are nice to have but not a necessity. Good luck everyone. I have all my fabrics picked out and ready to go. All from stash, mine and my friends.
  11. Great job. I have had my Lenni for 8 years and she has performed wonderfully. You will get very attached to her as you do many more beautiful quilts. Great Job
  12. For all those who want to try the mystery for the first time. I encourage you to give it a shot. The instructions are great and Bonnie really strives to teach new techniques and reinforces the old. She has made me a my piecing much more accurate and I always have a beautiful quilt when done. It is just so much fun to wait ofr the clues and I get so excited that I can't even sleep all night I keep waking up wondering if the next clue is out. Crazy I guess, but that's how much fun it is!
  13. As I do every year for the past 5 years now, I am anxiously waiting for the information on the mystery to come out. this years colors that Bonnie has selected for En Provence Mystery are all just gorgeous. First clue is due out the day after Thanksgiving, and I am ready and waiting. Who is going to join in this year?
  14. Mary Beth You are just too funny. And now you need to hide the evidence. Put your sleuthing skill to work girlfriend. Enjoy. You made my day today just thinking of you sneaking around trying to get home before Hubby and hide the boxes.
  15. Angela What is the difference between the glide and the bliss table. Are they separate enhancements>?
  16. Congratulations on your new endeavor!! I am hoping to do the same as soon as I decide to retire, which may be anytime I get fed up with working. Right now I have decided to stick it out a little longer but you never know when I may decide I have had enough. It is nice to know that we have a useful talent that can be used to make money while we do what we love to do. I wish you all the success in the world, and you may find out that this is the best thing that could have happened. Making that decision to retire is very hard. Good Luck
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