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  1. Thanks John, the back cover looked like a potential sounding board. When we took delivery of the machine we saw the poles were hit pretty hard and we had to order new canvas for 3 of them. I checked the machine and didn't see any obvious damage and the machine box was unharmed so I didn't see any problems. I lifted and leveled the back cover as well as added a little more dampening to the screws and its considerably quieter.
  2. Bobbin winder problem solved. JudyL if your bobbin winder is like ours it's not too hard, just kind of confusing because the parts are small and in a box, not good for older eyes. Possibly have the needle positioner problem solved...we only did a test patch. She's getting ready for her booth at Houston and things are a little nuts...a lot nuts. We did have a very noisy machine, especially near the back. I dampened a lot of the noise by making the spacers bigger when I adjusted the needle positioning. The thread breaking quilt is done so that is solved too, back to normal thread. Any one have a solution that doesn't make quilters grumpy when they have to bind?
  3. I didn't continue to complain as several people in the thread have asked for clarification and mentioned that the company people were helpful, that has not been my experience, especially since we received the machine. I answered their questions. They made the buying experience a breeze. Mark and Tony were very helpful in comparisons to the Gammil. I've got the issue of the needle positioner nearly solved with the help of the forum. I've received a call from Amy at APQS to call her back and we're playing phone tag. Still unresolved but we're working on it: Bobbin winder that won't quit spinning (Rep said is a known issue, nothing they can do) Handles that weren't wired (Rep and APQS said can't possibly happen) Bolts that hold cradle rollers to Millenium come loose and cause resistance to side to side motion (Rep said known issue, need to take machine off of cradle and tighten every few quilts as normal maintenance, mentioned using Loctite...Loctite is just plain evil stuff if you need to use the bolts again, prefer not to use Loctite) Thread is breaking (Adjustable but drives my wife nuts, luckily it was a small quilt) Going to try to catch Amy again, referred by Heidi
  4. Luckily the bobbin winder doesn't overfill but the only way to shut it off is to unplug it.
  5. It hasn't been just the rep that has added to the frustration. The handle on the back of the machine you use when using a panto for example had 2 wires not connected and the white wire was too short. APQS told us that could never happen and wouldn't do anything about it. This was the day we received the machine. I ended up rewiring the handle myself and found several unsoldered connections in the handle wiring harness. The hard part is each new quilt we hold our breath hoping this 5 month old machine will make it through another quilt.
  6. The bobbin winder is an independent one. We were told by the rep the onboard one wasn't reliable.
  7. Our Green Millenium purchased this year in June, I believe, is beginning to have cascading little problems. The single stitch button won't single stitch, whatever number of stitches per button press is a random number of stitches. When we received the machine the wiring harness in the back side of the machine handles was not completely wired. The rep asked if we could make it work. APQS told us this could never happen. We called the rep we bought from and we were asked, "I never use the back side, do you really think you need it?" The bobbin winder will not stop its motor while under power. We contacted the rep again for all the issues and she told us they are known problems. I didn't pay $14,000 for a pile of known problems. We would like some solutions, not acknowledgement of problems. Is buying this vs a Gammil, which was my idea, my wife wanted a Gammil a big mistake?