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  1. SharonG

    Edge rider wheels

    I have some that I'd ordered, put them on and took them off as I decided to upgrade to a Millennium instead. Would be happy to sell them. Sharon G 952-474-1155
  2. The whole quilt is perfect, but yes, you can certainly tell those are poinsettias. Painting them would maybe even add to the look though. Great job! Sharon G
  3. SharonG

    Cotton Dust

    I'm so glad for this site, as I've been hacking a lot the last few days and never tied it to the lint from the batting on this huge quilt I've got on the long arm. Even have an air filter machine but it was turned off for some stupid reason. Hope this helps. Sharon G
  4. SharonG

    what to charge?

    Tori, I fill out a price sheet when the customer brings in the quilt. On it is a line saying $5 for first thread and $3 for each additional thread. I explain that a long arm machine takes special thread, and no one has objected to that charge. It's not much but does add up for me. SharonG
  5. SharonG

    Just a helpful hint

    I hate searching for pins that have dropped, especially on the carpeted floor in both the long arm and sewing areas so finally got a collapsible wand with a magnet and light at the end, so it is easy to take along to quilt retreats, and it just totally beats trying to get down on my hands and knees and look for a pin. It was very reasonable and think I ordered it from KEEPSAKE QUILTING. Sharon G
  6. Debbie, I love your borders and the quilting is fantastic. Thanks for the pics, especially the backing photos. Did you do the same feather meandering in the dahlia as well? Sharon G
  7. SharonG

    Dahlia quilt

    Debbie, I'm so glad you asked about a dahlia quilt, as my future daughter-in-law has asked me to make one as a backdrop for photos of their wedding late next summer or early fall. And I've never made one of these. She sent me paint chips for the fabric colors she likes, which I really appreciated. A friend sent me a pattern but think I may need actual templates instead of an old pattern that has been copied from a magazine about 20 years ago. A photo I saw recently had feathers in each curved arc with feathers in the background as well, though I couldn't tell exactly what the background feathers were like, probably a meandering vine marked ahead of time so I don't run into empty spaces. I like quilting feathers so breathed a sigh of relief here. Sharon G
  8. SharonG

    Making her talk

    I love Lyn's comment, as I've learned to pay attention to the first idea that crosses my mind and start with whatever part of the quilt talks to me first and then take it from there. Also ask the customer if she has an idea of how she'd like it quilted, including what color thread. I've often thought this would be a great class at national or regional quilting sessions, asking people how they'd quilt various tops. Sharon G
  9. Amie, remember the quilt police don't live at your house, so do whatever you like. When I see the photos people are kind enough to print, I really like the feathers with the echo line and then the beadboard (straight lines) to the bottom edge of that border and to the top edge of the border if you are working on a wide border. I haven't been brave enough to try that but I have done stippling in the space not filled in by the feathers and like that also. Sharon G
  10. I love spiral border treatments. This is what I do: draw a couple of spirals to get average size, cut out those circles and place them along the top border to see how many spirals I'll quilt in that. That way I can ease them together or apart. Either make tick marks where a spiral starts and stops or chalk in the spirals. Do the same thing after you've turned the quilt. I usually do this without turning, but you'll get smoother circles if you turn the quilt until you get used to doing this. I do some practicing on paper for where the corners meet and do chalk those in. Practicing on paper really helps. Good luck. Sharon G
  11. SharonG

    New Diggs

    I should loan you my sister. When we moved, she helped me unpack and find the perfect spot for all my sewing stuff and fabric. Otherwise, I might still be sitting in a corner whimpering. Sharon G
  12. Thanks, Vickie, that was the one. I thought I'd remembered another one with double lines, but this looked like a fun idea to try for a large border. Sharon G
  13. I've seen a couple of examples lately and just can't find them now when I want to do this for a wide border. There were outlines of leaves every so often (with veins quilted in, I think) and a beadboard border coming up to the leaves on both sides. It made a very nice wide border. Hope this is clear. Help! Sharon G
  14. SharonG

    Long arm shop

    One of the most interesting "classes" I've attended was a rep from Northcutt Fabric who showed the new lines coming out. We were asked which of 2-3 color lines we preferred on most lines, sometimes a choice between different lines. A little background was given on the designers, where the fabric came from, their time lines, etc. Very interesting. Everyone (and I mean everyone) got a gift (maybe 4 coordinated fat qtrs). The shop required a $5 deposit as the room could hold only so many, but that deposit was returned in the form of a gift cert to spend that day only. Lots of shopping followed this class, and the shop owner got an idea of what customers preferred. Sharon G
  15. SharonG

    Won my first ribbons!

    Absolutely stunning civil war quilt! Sharon G