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  1. recently I took my embroidery machine in for a little repair and some TLC...they told me I had over 14 million stitches on is 3 years old. So, I\'m there a way to tell how many stitches are on our longarms?....I have a Millie
  2. yes, it has black stuff on it BEFORE i wind the thread. seems to have built up over time....i am perplexed. and, no, i am not an instructor ..... i wish. i am still teaching myself. LOL
  3. i have a Millenium. ... i have noticed just recently that my bobbins have lines of black inside where the thread winds. i tried to clean it off with alcohol and some comes off, but not all. it seems to look like the black stuff that comes off the rails when you clean them. now when i wind my thread, the black is coming off on my thread and ruining it. is there something to clean these with? do i need new bobbins? is this normal? i have had my machine just a year this month. these are the original bobbins. do they need to be replaced every so often? anyone had this problem? what do i do? thanks in advance for any assistance provided shirley bruner cherryville, mo
  4. yes, julia, as sue says, you can leave them on overnight or for days at a time. just unroll it a little to loosen it and take off the side clamps and lay them on the table. ' also, do not leave your machine 'parked' OVER the quilt. always move it to the side when not using it. less chance of something going wrong when turning it needle going down into quilt. or oil leaking on quilt. another good practice is to unplug machine when you are through for the day. especially if there is bad weather coming. you don't want electric problems from lightning. enjoy your millie....i love mine. ( on most days....LOL) shirley
  5. i have an answer for dry hands (or feet). go to the baby aisle at your local grocery or drug store. look for Johnson's baby oil GEL. it makes sandpaper feet feel as soft as a baby's butt. will work for hands, too. i love it. a little dab will do ya. shirley
  6. are you talking about the clear plastic plate over the whole thing? or the little metal square thing that the cutter goes up to? thanks shirley
  7. the thread cutter on my millie is not cutting the thread. it goes through the motions but does not actually cut. the cutter go up to the little square thing but not under/in to it. should it? is there an adjustment i can make so it will cut the thread and i can stop crawling under the machine. thanks for your assistance. shirley
  8. (name removed), APQS rep in Oregon is the greatest. i was having some issues with my Millenium and was checking the posts here. artinfabric was writing about her needle up and down going crazy.....that is exactly what mine was doing. one of the answers was from linda, talking about adjusting #8 screw. I printed out the instructions and sent Linda an email asking for pictures to make sure I was doing it correctly. within MINUTES I had an answering email back from Linda with the info I needed. I got my needle fixed in just a few minutes. I had been waiting for a couple weeks for 2 different techs from APQS in my area to send me that same file about adjustment. I am STILL WAITING for them but Linda came through for me. Thank you're the best. White Rooster posted another problem about her machine dragging....again same problem I just developed a couple days ago. I had my husband check bolts to make sure they were tight....i had 2 loose ones and that fixed my problem. I am very grateful for the APQS website and our chat opportunities. we all have to help each other out. I am most grateful for my new best friend, (name removed), without whom I would still be fussing and fuming. I have only had my Millenium about 60 days, so it is great to be about to fix and adjust little things quickly. Now, if I could just get my thread cutter fixed that easily. thank you, thank you, Linda. shirley
  9. i have it and love (loved) it. i cut many quilt pieces with it. it is accurate and safe. but lately it seems i just use the ruler that came with it on another larger table with a huge cutting board. if i am cutting larger pieces the alto seems small. the cutting mat that came with it has many cut "lines" in it now. i have gotten a new mat (larger) that doesn't fit on the alto. and an even larger mat (40x70) that i use on a huge table. my alto "bed" is leaning against the wall. the part i didn't like was the instructions of putting the fabric under the bar and clamping it down. that seemed to take too much time for me. i usually just laid the fabric over it to cut. i have turned the mat over and cut on the other side, but it doesn't have the ruled lines marked, so you need a ruler to measure cuts. all in all, a good product....and, like i said, i used it every day for a year or so. i believe i have just outgrown it.