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  1. This is one of the pretiest string quilts have seen. Love the colors! what size are the blocks? Becky
  2. Way to Go,Valerie!!!!!! Now you won't hesitate to repair anything on that machine! I can so relate to your fear of damaging your machine. Becky
  3. Linda,baptist fan boards and crosshatch are yours! A check or money order will be fine.I will figure postage and let you know. e-mail is: Thanks,Becky
  4. SOLD!! I no longer have my APQS machine so I need to sell my gently used EZ boards. can't post photos at this time but you can check the Quilt EZ boards web site for photos. The SKU numbers listed with each board should identify each board on their site. 2double baptist fan boards (SKU T13-092- sell 2 for $35.00 Circles(SKU T135-006A) $15.00 3 cross hatch boards (mid arm?) (SKU -T10-035A) all 3 for $50.00 of $20.00 each 2 inch clam shells (SKU-T13-010A ) 2 for $35.00 I would like to sell as a package if possible. The above prices do not inc
  5. Valerie, I have been admiring all your beautiful quilts that you share on here. Your stitches are so uniform that I assumed you were using a stitch regulated machine! You already have such great control of your machine maybe you don't need a stitch regulator! Becky
  6. Wonder if we can use those Schmetz needles on the Milleneum and Freedom? I have only used those purchased from Apqs. Guess I need to check with them first. Thanks. Becky
  7. I am beginning to clean out my studio a little at a time since I can't quilt on my Freedom for a while (spinal fusion surgery last December) so I have some great quilting design books up for sale. These books are so great for quilting design ideas. 1. Darlene Epps Spiral Bound Pocket Guides(set 0f 3 )-Freehand Textures and Fillers - Meandering- Borders and Sashings $33.00 Sold! 2. Darlene Epps Heirloom Feather Freehand, Formal and Fanciful- includes workbook- $30.00 SOLD! 2. Pam Clarke- Quilting Inside The Line Book $12.00 Just Leaf It by Kim Stotsenberg $10.00
  8. Thanks to all who took the time to help me decide on the saddle stool-don't know how to respond to individual posts-I am going to order one from Biz chair with the ring today. I am not ready to just give up my quilting . Hopefully will be able to gradually stay at it for longer periods of time- just not as patient as I should be. I don't quilt for the public anymore so that's a plus. Did sell my Millie a few years ago after my back injury but DH had a nonSR older Freedom and it sews so well that I can still "play". Thanks again. Becky
  9. Heidi, what is the brand name of your saddle stool and where might I order one? Sounds like I would use that stool. I had a lumbar fusion in December and still can't play on my machine without having my back screaming at me! Thanks. Becky
  10. I love your freehand quilting! Makes me realize I need to get of my rear, get out to the studio and just ppp! Becky
  11. Valerie, thank you so much for sharing those drawing with me. Now to practice them!!! Becky
  12. Dell, how do I contact you for the raffle tickets? Becky