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  1. Hi mcrim, I still have it listed for $12,000.00. I am very open to offers and would love for you to come and look. Are you close to Erie? Please keep in touch and don't let the price scare you... Liz
  2. Thinking of buying a machine, please make an offer! Many extras go with this machine like a Hartley Fence and a Quiltazoid! Thanks for looking! Liz
  3. Hi jacq1013, I sent you an email through the forum before I read back and see you live in Meadville. We are in Fairview Township, but have a Girard address, actually on Sterrettania Rd. Let me know when you can come up, would love to have you. Liz
  4. 2009 Millennium for sale with 12 ' table. barely used, stitch regulator, auto needle positioner, quilt glide, power fabric advance, thread cutter, needle up/down, channel locks, lazer light stylus, turbo bobbin winder. Includes Quiltazoid, Ruler Mate, extended throat plate, several rulers, and other misc items, including Hartley Fence. Bliss and quilting computers may be added to this machine. Machine never used for commercial purposes. Selling due to health issues. Payment via Cashiers check required. Asking $10,800.00, you arrange for packaging and pay for shipping or pick up. Located
  5. I believe it could be outfitted with the Bliss, but one of us will have to call APQS to be sure. If you would like me to I will do that on Tuesday, let me know. Liz
  6. No, the macine does not have the Bliss
  7. Stop the snow, we have been so lucky this year!
  8. The Babylock offers auto threading and auto tension, no messing around!
  9. I am a police dispatcher, with experience as a 911 Coordinator/Supervisor. 30 years ago I was a hairdresser. No difference, when people call you or get their hair done they are always complaining about something....:P:P
  10. I purchased my Millie because my husband said to get the best. I wanted an APQS after looking at both the Gammill and APQS. To me it was a no brainer. APQS was smoother, easier to handle and after hearing all the tension problems with the other brand I would not settle for anything else but APQS. My sister in law had so much trouble with her Gammill and the tension which also led to my decision. I love my Millie, which was delivered in Sept and am loving the learning process. My granddaughter will not let go of her "practice quilt." Liz:P
  11. If you don't drink, try a little and maybe it will get better!