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  1. Well first things first__ thanks everyone for tons of help and great support that you have given me. Second I regret to say but to be truthful it looks like I’m going to have to buy the Gammill machine after all. I do reall regret that I changed my mind midstream however DH and myself had an argument with me trying to reason why I was opting to choose the Millennium. We were getting nowhere and DH could not see my reasoning for my decision to opt out of buying the Gammill. Also I have to take into account that when I went into our bank to have the funds transferred from our bank to the dealer’s our bank would not transfer and I was getting nowhere with them. DH went to the bank later on in the day and tried to make some headway. He spent a long while in trying to make a payment into the dealers USD business account. It did not appear that the two banks would collaborate to have funds transferred straight from one bank account to another in a transaction because we were not dealing in our own currency. DH was in touch with the dealer and the dealer in turn contacted their bank and what was gathered there was no reasoning behind the fact our bank was being difficult i(t would appear) This meant more trips to the bank to see the reason for not being able to transfer. In the end there was no reason, except we were dealing in two different currencies, and DH settled for a bankers cheque which he took and deposited into the dealers account so after all his work in trying to negotiate an easy form of making the payment he was satisfied that in the end payment was made. He won’t go through (changing to the Millennium could mean more difficulty)that again. Orla
  2. This sounds a bit rash however I’m wanting some advice. For some reason I changed my mind midstream about buying the Millennium machine and bought the Gammill Classic Plus. Just before I ordered the Millennium I kept on thinking about the dealer for Gammill machines living near me and I would have the support here. The APQS dealer is actually a lot further away from me and if the machine needed to be serviced or any adjustments needed to be made it would be costly to have the machine freighted to where the dealership is. What would I do? I was also thinking since I’m not in a position where I can travel a lot that Gammill have an on line feature that it would be possible to learn some more by joining some of the on line lessons. So that is why I changed my mind. Now I’m regretting my change of mind. I believe the Millennium is a good and sound machine and would have been very easy to operate. Maybe I’m wrong? I paid for the Gammill at the beginning of this week and payment would be going into the dealer’s account just about now (within a couple of days of payment) so I should have payment confirmation soon. My question is, is it too late to change now and retract the sale with the dealer? If anyone has any words of advice they could give me on my dilemma I would appreciate hearing it. I think the Gammill and APQS are good machines but for some reason I just instinctively felt like ordering an APQS machine from the start? Orla.
  3. Do people like the Hartley Fence? Are there some that find it easy to use and find it useful? Is there anyone who wouldn't want to be withought it? Does the base expander come with it? My dealer thought ti woull be useful because I was asking designs? Orla
  4. I would like to ask if anyone finds castors useful? I am going to have the long arm and table in the one position. Do very many of you purchase castors just in case you have to reposition the table in the room? Orla
  5. I was asking my dealer how i go from just straight line and meandering type of quilting into more quilting sing designs with the Mille. She recommended the Hartley Fence as a design aid for quilting. I was reading in Quilting Gadgets and Goodies that the HF was not as easy to use as the Circle Lord. What do people like please? Is it possible to learn the HF through a video? Orla
  6. I think from your comments that all the long arms have some nose that is normal for them. Would like to ask if the new Mille's are still made with the door bell signal to remind that the stitch regulator is on? Orla
  7. The sign is wonderful and the shop looks so inviting. Orla;)
  8. Thanks Bonnie, Ranae,Shana. Okay, Would it be true to say it's a constant relaxing hum that's easy to live with? Maybe it's so relaxing that it can help you constantrate on your :)freehand!
  9. I am just about to order my Mille long arm. I was watching QNN TV today_ Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting: Love of Quilting 400 Series: Longarm Quilting in Japan. Maybe I have the sound high or maybe I'm being over anxous before ordering the machine however I thought the machine wasn't very quiet when Marilyn was using it. Can someone tell me more about it and enlighten me on how the machine sounds, quiet or not? Orla
  10. Thanks for your advice. I think I’m that much clearer on table size and the workable solution. I’m undecided on lighting. The ceiling is an A shape. It won’t be hugely tall but I am wondering how to manage the overhead lighting. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can implement light fixtures for this type of ceiling? My DH made the suggestion I take advantage of the A ceiling shape and make storage room by having a crawl space the width of room (14 ft ) by a depth of 4 feet or so and to store things I’m not sure I want to part with and to have a ladder that is secured in place to the end of the room to access the space. I figure that this idea could be workable and the ladder would not take up a lot of room either. Any futther comments or suggestions would be very mucha appreciated. Orla
  11. Girls I want to thank you for making things clearer. I called and a representatives in APQS said it’s possible to purchase an 11 foot (custom ) table to facilitate a 14 foot wall. He added that a 12 foot table will measure 12ft +8 inches long. I realize now it might be way tight. Must add too the exterior of the room is 14 feet and when allowing for insulation the interior walls the room won't exactly finish at size 20 x 14 feet. I’m positively splitting hairs here! So I think I will have to go with a custom table in order to fit along the 14 foot space. Now I’m wondering about another query I have. Will a custom 11 fot table fit patterns and facilitate any design possibility options that the company offers as optional? (I don’t know anything about how the designs are made possible or how the sizes are managed so bear with me! Orla
  12. It helps a lot Barb. I am going to go for the room that is 20ft x 14 ft and put a 10 foot frame along the length of the 14 foot wall and that way I will still have a sizeable (sizeable for me anyway!!) space left in length of the room. The frame can almost go against the 14 foot wall and pull out when i want to go around to the back of the frame. Does that sound ok? Bonnie I haven't another choice and will just have to grin and bear and go with the flow. I will definitely put the brakes on what stays in the room and after that do what my family says is my passion of sorting through all the household nooks and crannies and tossing into the rubbish.
  13. In the yard I am having a room built for quilting and to include a long arm machine and table. I am thinking of buying a Mellie. he only thing is the room is going to be 20 feet x 14 feet or I can have the room 16 x 16 feet. There is no option of having any more space than that. I want to use it for quilting and for piecing as well with ironing board set, place for fabric, books etc. I don't want to feel packed out but it would be good to have things in one spot. If someone can please advise me wih this dilemma it would be a great help to me. Orla:o