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  1. You might want to try Intelligent Quilting. They are going all digital and are clearing out all paper pantos at 40 percent off.....great deal if you want the paper pantos.
  2. I have lots of favorites depending on the quilt. A new favorite is "abundant feathers" by Three Sisters Fabric. Others that I love are Alfresco, Dragonfly Pond, Feelin Groovy and Splash. Not sure of designers names on these, but if you google them you will find them. Happy quilting!
  3. Just wondering Linda...did that panto take a long time to stitch, it is so full. I just love this quilt!
  4. Great service from Zoltan! I am impressed!
  5. Beautiful quilt and quilting......a treasured gift! Loved the pant so much that I just ordered it!
  6. This is one of the best threads I have read in a long time! I have bee quilting for over 30 years, and long arming for 3 years. I have seen many, many quilts in my day....Gone to lots of quilt shows and admired beautiful work. I have never ever checked out someone's quilt to make sure the backing is straight! Some ladies bring me quilts that have 5 seams in their backing fabric, I do the best I can and they keep coming back. Please don't pay someone to unquilt her quilt, you have done more than enough! I believe that you are a very caring and conscientious quilter....and there are some people that cannot be pleased. It is done, she got her money back, end of story. Did you ever notice that there are people who leave a trail of negativity behind them? After a while you notice that they have less and less of an audience because they are not very credible. Go on to your next customer and enjoy all the warm fuzzies they give you! Sometimes I think we should have a bulletin board of nice comments our customers have given us, because one like that can sure pull you down. You did your best Sandra, close the door on it, open a new window and breath some fresh air!
  7. This is such a lovely fresh quilt. I love the colors and the quilting just takes it over the top, beautifully done Heidi!
  8. And as I type this my IQ should be delivered tomorrow as well! Very excited! I have quilts that I have been saving so that I can play with IQ on them.
  9. Congratulations Monika! I am really happy for you. I have one on order as well, expecting it very shortly....this is something like having a baby...the time seems to go so slow! You and I are going to have to get together one of these days and share ideas!
  10. Willow leaf studio is my favorite place to order. Canada post should be up and running tomorrow!
  11. Those look so great..it is so nice to "see at a glance" what colors you have. I'd skip dinner and a movie to have those beauties!
  12. Fantastic job! I have a feeling there are going to be lots of people laying claim to your lovely quilts!
  13. The other day I was chatting with a LAer friend and she told me she changes her needle with every quilt. I was quite surprised because I probably change mine every 4 or 5 quilts. I am wondering what the rest of you do? Perhaps I am really using dull needles by the time I change them. Thanks for your input!