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  1. Thanks everyone gonna give it a try the darn machine worked just fine last night
  2. Have a 2010 Millie turned machine on tonight to work on customers quilt pushed the needle up/down button so I could pull up bobbin thread and the needle bar just kept going up and down I couldn't stop it until I unpluged it called apps but missed them by 15 min. Can anyone out there help me
  3. The other day I turned the stitch regulator on and started sewing and after about 8 inches or so I happened to notice a little bit bigger stitch which I really liked. Well I forgot to turn on the speed control with that turtle thing. I then turned that on and found my stitch got a bit smaller and I only go to about 11. Does it hurt the machine if I don't put the speed control on can I just leave it off while in stitch regulated mode. Thanks Mary
  4. Mary Kay

    Help Please

    I purchased my machine used about 3 months ago. The gal I bought it from had installed 2 new circuit boards as per the apqs techs. Now every time I turn the machine on the horizontal lock comes on also. I have installed the new MnM wheels on the carriage and the grounding wire. I don't think this is a normal thing. Has this ever happened to anyone else. Machine is a 2010 Milly.
  5. Thanks ladies we will give it a try.
  6. Ladies - My new MnM wheels have arrived, the instructions say to take the machine head off the rails to install. The husband says he can do this with out taking the head off. Of course I told him that is not what the directions say (need I say more) my questions is, has it been done before without taking the head off the machine which will involve taking the rail off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mary
  7. I have cleaned and cleaned black residue still coming off. They don't have the yellow centers, I check that out. The ones on the front of the machine I swear are black and I thought they were hard plastic. The ones on the back (panto side) seem to have brown flex in them and the husband said they were like a flake board he could see the fibers. Didn't know they had bearings. I am very new at this machine. The APQS rep told me this morning that if the wheel is approx. 3/4" wide they are the MnM, if they are approx. 1/2" wide they would be the older ones. When I measured tonight they were more the 1/2" size. Called Amy at APQS tonight but haven't heard back I will give a try again tomorrow. Thanks so much for responding back you guys are the best.
  8. Not sure if I am in the right troubleshoolting forum but, I have a used 2010 milly. I have to come to the conclusion that I have the older type wheels and that may be why when I move the machine from left to right or vise versa it feel like I am on a bumpy highway. Has anyone ever had this problem and is it a big job to switch to the MnM wheels. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I find it very difficult to hold the thread and push that metal piece in to start the bobbin winder. It actually takes two hands, should that metal plate be so hard to push on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. When I turn on the Millie the only thing that comes on is it led lights. There is no humming sound and the needle does not go up and down. When I press the command button on the right handle and then the yellow button for needle up and down nothing happens. Could this be a fuse.
  11. I've got the sequence down in my head and on paper. I tried the exercise in the manual starting with needle/up needle/down made sure I did it correctly and nothing happened. When the machine came yesterday and it was turned on it made a nice humming noise and the needle automatically went down and then up. Now when I turn it on the only thing that happens is the led lights come and no nice humming noise and no needle down and up. Needle up/needle/down does not work on the back either. Could it possible be a fuse.
  12. Machine does have quilt guide but I am no wheres ready for that. I read through the manual started with needle up/down held black button and taped the yellow button and nothing. When I look at the top of machine I see green lights lit up but only see two on one side and three on the other. I shut off machine turned it back on and now the needle does not go up and down one time like it did before. Are all those green lights suppose to be lit up. It almost seems like there is no power going to these buttons.
  13. Thank You Lynn and Thank You Dawn. I have printed the manual. I am very sure you will be hearing from me again. I can already tell the support is going to be great.
  14. The stitch regulator button is beeping but when I press the black button on right and the blue button nothing happens. There is no fabric loaded on it yet. How do I turn the stitch regulator off.
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