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  1. Thank you. The ideas are very helpful. I am home from work and ready to get started. Thank you.
  2. I was given courthouse steps type quilt, fabrics are batiks and the quilt blocks ended up looking like large and small lanterns. Problem: The quilt has a 2 inch solid sashing, 8 1/2 inch long piano key border (3/4 inch multi-colored batik strips) and another 3 inch solid border. The owner of the quilt wants something different in the border than the body of the quilt. I cannot find a similar quilt anywhere on-line where it has not been done w/an overall. In addition, I researched piano key borders w/o success to see what potential ideas I could find. FYI, this quilt is an updated versio
  3. I got sucked into the handsome salesmen and bought one too at the MN Quilt Show. Seemed to be a really slick idea. Thought it might be good for donation quilts. However, was not able to figure it out from the video so it sat in a drawer. Finally gave it to a friend's engineer husband to figure out. He managed figure it out. However, the samples were not great so in the end, put it on Ebay and got rid of it.
  4. THANK YOU ALL!!!! So I decided to charge a $50.00 rush fee. I called her in advance and told her the cost would be approx. $221.00 based on the size she quoted. She said she EXPECTED to pay additional money and was fine w/thate. She dropped it off at 5:30 p.m. last night, I was done by 9:30 p.m. I did a nice feather panto at her request and even squared it up so she would just have to put on the binding. Final cost was $199.30 (it was a little smaller than she said. YIPPEE. Lisa
  5. Thank you. I will definitely give her a call this afternoon BEFORE she make the trip to my house. I agree that $50.00 seems reasonable. FYI, I did not make her aware of a rush fee yet, as I have been torn since my conversation with her as what to say...... I do a quilt for this person, about once a year. Lisa
  6. Thanks for opinions. They are invaluable.
  7. Really??? Oh, oh.... I have had a problem figuring out the pricing from the beginning. I have never liked trying to figure out what to charge. Here is my theory: I never meander quilts because I think the pantos/overalls are so much prettier. I started out doing quilts for a lot less and sometimes, I averaged between $3.00 and $5.00 per hour depending on how much work/time went into the quilts. My first year of quilting was in 2008, I did over 100 quilts and made around $3200.00 for the year!!!! I was stressed out, sad and I was quilting every night after work for 4 hours and at lea
  8. Hi, I don't post much, but have a quick question. I told a gal that I would do a graduation quilt for her back in April. She told me she would have it to me by mid-May. She called last night and wanted to know if she could drop it off tonight and would like it by THURSDAY this week so that she could bind it and give it as a gift on Saturday. Dilemma...so last night I busted to finish a quilt after working all day. Got it done..... The quilt that is being dropped off is a signature quilt and approx. 60 x 72, not overly large. At this point, she is willing to do an overall pattern. I
  9. There are some really great pens that came out recently and are great. They are FriXion erasable gel pens from Pilot. You can check them out on ewequilt.com. I bought them from my local quilt shop and they are great. The ink is thermo-sensitive and you just iron the markings off or throw in dryer. The ink disappears completely. They come in 8 colors and are a couple of dollars each. I bought a 3 pack for under $9.00. The only negative is that if the ink will return if it gets below 14 degrees. So keep your quilts out of the cold.
  10. Featherweights, Featherweights, Featherweights... (I have a nice Viking that barely sees the the light of day, poor baby!!)
  11. I saw the quilt yesterday. It was absolutely stunning!!! Congrats Karen!!!
  12. Wow!!! That is awesome!!!!! I am taking the class here in Minnesota and just finished technique #3. The instructor just showed us the extra parts to make it larger. Apparently, will be available soon if we want it. I am doing mine using the Robert Kaufman's "Valley of the Kings" line. Everyone else in the class is using batiks. All the quilts are sooo different and very cool. Love the class and process of her patterns. Julie Arrowood is our certified instructor and she is great.
  13. I just bought a large mirror w/ a handle to I could look under the quilt. It was a suggestion given to me by another longerarmer and it works great and will only cost you a couple of dollars.
  14. You can use a buffing wheel. It will take the scratches out. (I have used it to buff the scratches out of stuffed animal eyes!! ) However, it can distort the shape of whatever you are buffing if you leave it in one place for too long!!! Just another suggestion.