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  1. As far as I know I've never had any white plastic spacers. The screws have been snug.
  2. My 2007 Millie has started making a rough sound as it stitches and the needle up/down function won't stabilize. I talked to tech support at APQS last week and we changed the brushes and tried to adjust the up/down function and thought we had it fixed. They couldn't hear the rough sound, but I know my baby and it's definitely weird. There's no thread caught anywhere. So this week it is again making the rough sound as I stitch and I can't seem to get the up/down to quit stitching. It keeps changing. What could this be? (mother board?, gear box?, little gold screw messed up?) Julie
  3. I wrapped a piece of blue painting tape at each end of the bar that is still on the machine. Then when I start a quilt I measure from that tape to the sides of the quilt top. If you just keep the measurement the same as you advance the quilt it will keep the quilt centered.
  4. OK. I've adjusted that screw before when it was stitching more than one stitch. So I just need to turn it the other way a little I guess. When the room is pretty warm it doesn't slow down much. Hopefully adjusting the screw will help. Thanks.
  5. I have a 2007 Millenium. It has recently started moving extremely slow in the needle up/down mode. It happens when the room is the slightest bit cool. It sews fine when just stitching. Does this have anything to do with the little gold screw? Or does it need something replaced? Julie
  6. Your quilting is wonderful! I too do not understand why Superior has started charging so much for shipping for wholesale. Why can't we pay the $3.95 USPS like the rest of the world.
  7. We have a new puppy too (a German Shepherd). She's just 4 months old now and teething. We lost our 14 yr.old Shepherd on New Year's Eve and just couldn't stand it for long without a dog. She's definitely a handful. Sometimes I wish we hadn't picked out the alpha female of the litter. But she's getting better and I think there's hope. She does let me quilt as long as she can see me through the baby gate. She's finally realizing we are the boss and not her. Good luck with your new addition.
  8. This came in so handy this week since I jammed my needle and it would no longer pick up the bobbin thread (the first time in five years). Thankfully it was only the needle bar that needed pushing back down and not the timing itself. I used the video on the APQS website. APQS is awesome because of the great machines and wonderful help available!
  9. Linda, I just did what you said to do but it doesn't help.
  10. I do like Kristina. I charge by the square inch and add a thread charge based on number of bobbins used. Also special threads would be more.
  11. I float all my quilts so another idea that I do is to use the last little bit of bobbin thread on the next quilt. I use it to attach the top of the batting to my backing and then baste the quilt top to that line to start out. It doesn't matter what color it is because it will never show after the quilt is bound.
  12. I recently got M&M wheels installed too. My DH left the head on and used those wooden shims that you can get at Lowe's or Home Depot to support it. That worked great. And I love !!!! the wheels. I can now make circles easily and back-tracking is easier too.