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  1. I am from central Kansas. Do you still have your George?
  2. Wow! Thanks so much. I forgot to mention that I had a ruptured disc probably 20 years ago and had surgery for that. Now they say the disc above and below are "bulging". So I'm trying to take better care of my back so I don't have to have surgery for that! You guys have been so helpful. Thanks again
  3. What kind of stretching or exercises do you do to help your back? I've not been doing much quilting since my surgery earlier this year for colon cancer. But when I do quilt, my back sure gets tired and sore. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Got it out with lots of WD-40 and some light tapping it finally fell out! Yeah!!! Doing the happy dance.
  5. I sure hope someone can help me. This stuff always happens on the weekend! I am quilting along and I notice that my needle keeps turning on me and keeps wanting to come loose. So I try to tighten the screw and it won't tighten any more, so I take the needle completely out and I see that the top of the needle is broken clear in two! How this happened I don't know because I've had no accidents lately!. Anyway, the top third of the needle is still in the needle bar. I can see it sticking out just a little bit when I look through the screw hole. How am I going to get this out? Please help!
  6. That is absolutely beautiful! Do you have a particular pattern for the pieced top? I am always looking for things with cardinals.
  7. I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to everyone on this forum and at APQS for being so patient with me this past year. Due to some bad things that have happened in my life (divorce and financial woes) I lost my beloved A-1 quilting machine. I had her for about 7 years. She was my "first"!! Through the generosity of my sister, I was able to obtain a used Ultimate 1, 1997 model. I have absolutely hated that machine from the start! I had movement issues, thread issues, any type of issue you can name, I think I had it. But by working with people on this forum and the staff at A
  8. I did get my issue resolved, at least for now. I tried all the suggestions given to me, but what finally worked was I went to the bobbin with no holes and when I wound a bobbin, I would wrap it one and a half times around the tension disc. Now I am not having any tension or thread breakage issues at all! So go figure?! Thanks again for all your help.
  9. I'll try the thread net idea and check my bobbins for burrs. I have tried slowing down some. That's is so hard. When I'm doing a pattern I've done a hundred times, I just naturally want to go fast. My bobbin tension is set pretty loose. I don't have a Towa or I would tell you that number. And I'll check my needle plate again. Thanks for all your input!
  10. I am trying to finish a customer quilt and my bobbin thread will break when I change directions. I am doing a double feather circle wreath in some of the blocks. When I use a Superior prewound bobbin, I don't have this problem, but all I have is white and I don't want to use white in the bobbin. My bobbin winder is pretty old, do you think there could be something wrong there? I have the tension set pretty tight because if I don't, the bobbin will wind very loose and I really have tension problems then. I have taken everything apart in the bobbin area and using my magnifying glass, I've s
  11. My Ultimate 1 is a 97 or 98 model, I don't have a manual or a DVD. I have timed my A-1 when I had it, so I am hoping that this will be similar. Wish me luck! And thanks Kristi for the phone call.
  12. Forgot, I am running a size 20 needle and permacore thread in both top and bottom.
  13. I am trying to finish up an Americana sampler quilt and somehow I broke a needle off in the machine. I got the broken needle out, checked everything carefully, sanded a nicked place on my extended base, and retimed. I am not sure, but I may have the bobbin race pulled too far forwarded as I can hear a clicking sound now that I did not have before. If the hook is hitting the needle, can that cause your thread to break? It breaks consistently when I change directions. I hear a click and then the bobbin thread breaks. It does not matter if I'm going left to right or up and down, it happens
  14. How do you tell the difference between steel and aluminum bobbins?
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