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  1. Did you get this worked out. APQS sent me new mounts when I get blissed.
  2. I am relocating to St. George, Ut and will be scheduling quilts, classes and machine demos by mid July, See you there! All in stock items are on sale at 20% off throught June 15th. Pinched Squares, Rondas Curved Crosshatch, Crescant Moon, Deloas Crosshatch, Itty Bitty, Soft Wave, Wavy Ruler, Dvd's. Order while supply last.
  3. I am relocating to St. George, Ut and will be scheduling quilts, classes and machine demos by mid July, See you there! All in stock items on my website is 20% off until June 15th. aquilterschoice.com
  4. Without reading the replies to your question. To me it sounds like your backing was not square before loading it. Meaning if one side is longer than the other it will sag on one side. I would check that first. Not trying to do a sales pitch, but I recommend my Beginning Longarm DVD. There is a lot of information on it, including how to square your backing and dealing with not quilt square quilts to name a coupl of things. I believe you would find it very helpful. you can find it on my website aquilterschoice.com. If you want to call me I will be happy to help you . Myrna
  5. Buy 2 DVD's get one free. See previews @ aquilterschoice.com Beginning Longarm Just Do It 1 Just Do It 2 Fowlproof Feathers Creating Spaces Filler Er Up Hartley Fence
  6. You are welcome to use mine on my website if you like. aquilterschoice.com
  7. SewBatik has the best Black flannel as well as other colors. You will never want any other kind. It comes in wide backing as well. It is a bit heavier and does not fray as much. www.SewBatik.com. Used Associate code 1040 if you would. Thanks Be sure to check it out.
  8. 2010 Millie. Very sweet machine, quite and very well cared for.
  9. Renae We can ship easy enough. Marie , not selling anything seprate at this point, sorry.
  10. I have 14 foot rails only, not rollers, that are available. if anyone is interested please contact me at 435-229-2703 or myrnaf@q.com Located in Laurel , MD
  11. This is my personal machine used for teaching and demo and some quilting. It has been very well cared for cared for by me. It runs beautifully, she is quite and sweet. It is factory pre-wired for a Compuquilter should you ever want to add one. If not just ignore the controls. The machine comes with a free beginner's class in my studio in Laurel Maryland. I am selling in order to upgrade to the newest APQS Millennium as I am a dealer and need to have the latest model in my studio for test drives. If you are within 2-3 hour drive of me I’ll setup the Milliennium FREE. I have a Deloa Jones light
  12. Hello to all new member I have members I have missed, welcome. I have not been on in awhile and I have missed you all. I can not figure out how to get a new photo on my profile...they all say to large. HELP
  13. Purchase 2 DVD's and get 3rd free. $5.00 off Pinched Square Set Sale through February 1, 2013 aquilterschoice.com
  14. It's unnerving Hope you all enjoy it. I will keep you posted when the second one is coming out.
  15. Purchase 2 DVD's and get 3rd of equal or less value free. $5.00 off Pinched Square set. Sale good through Feb 1, 2013 aquilterschoice.com
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