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  1. Scrap Apple is a great shop.. We will meet Kristina
  2. Updating my new address and contact info, please make a note of it. Myrna Ficken 7936 Ashford Blvd Laurel, Maryland, 20707 301-735-2057 Home 435-229-2703 Cell myrna13@verizon.net aquilterschoice.com My old email is still working for awhile. Please make the switch to the new one. I am so excited and happy to be in my new place:P:P:P
  3. Hi Linna, For me a "should" have list At least one extra bobbin case. An expanded base Itty Bitty an awesome little ruler Basic threads to start. Extra needles Practice on paper and of course my DVD'S;) Have fun
  4. Hi Rosean, I can bring you a workbook. See you there.
  5. Are you doing a continuous line in the borders? f so I would do the top border, start quilting the interior of the quilt, basting the side borders VERY WELL as you roll. Do the bottom border, take it off and turn to complete the sides. If you are free handing the borders, I would, do the top and as much of the sides as I could. Start the interior and as I roll pick up the freehand work in the border and complete the side as I go to the down, finish bottom border.
  6. Pre-washing is a must for Batiks. Some are worse that others. Love Sew Batiks but they still need per-washing. Yes ripping out will leave holes and give tension nightmares. It happens with cottons sometimes too. If it come in unwashed have them take it and wash it or offer to do it for a price. Or be sure to educate them as to why it is so important. Yes I know you all know thins already;)
  7. you are not crazy ...you made a great choice. Congratulations
  8. As soon as I have them I will post but pre-ordering isn't set up (yet anyway) Thanks all for the interest and encougement
  9. Hi everyone. As some of you may know I have relocated to Maryland due to changes in my life. I am now taking in customer quilts again if anyone is looking for a quilter or help with your continued education, advice ( for what mine is worth) looking for a machine to purchase ( I am still very much a rep for APQS) or want to get together for a coffee. Let me know. It's time for me to get back on the swing of things. Hus, Myrna
  10. I look forward to seeing you Connie. You know we love to shop but please don't let me.. I might need a Starbucks tho. See you soon. Who else is going?
  11. Hi all, I am so excited to see the DVD even the bloopers and oops. I did have a few of them Scott is awesome. He and Jeanne are troopers "cause as you all know my work happens as I go" the DVD's are no different. Scott has gotten pretty good about it. But he still shakes his head at me.
  12. Yeah, I'll be in the booth working. Looking forward to it.
  13. I still have openings in classes February 26,27,28 at Quilters Point Hostess Kimberly Rogers 15614 Huebner Rd. Suite 115 San Antonio, Texas 78248 To see details go to aquilterschoice.com and look at events. Call or email me to register. Be sure to check out other class locations coming as well.
  14. Measure your canvas and be sure it is even on all ends. That is the size you can do. If the quilt goes from edge to edge it leaves no room for your machine off the end. It works, but again the key is comfort.
  15. Would anyone like to swap a nice 12 foot Millie table for a nice 14 foot table . The 14foot is in St. Geroge UT.
  16. Look at one of our used machines. We have more great deals just a bit more money than a Lenni.
  17. Hi Girls, Jane your quilt look AWESOEM, REALLY AWESOME, you did a great job. Personally I would not run a # 5 needle on Batik or anything else for that matter unless it was maybe heavy upholstery fabric. It will leave a big hole in your batiks........ IMHO. I always use a 3.5, once in awhile I will go to a #4 for if I have a lot of really thick seams. Loosening your sandwich and adjusting your tension was the best thing to do. And yes you sometimes need to slow down. I have been using and started carrying Floriani Threads, they are wonderful, high sheen, beautiful colors and I run them at full speed with no problems or adjustments. I do not have the color chart on my website but will work on it. ust contact me if you all are interested. Shana you are a sweet heart thank you. I loved having you in my studio. Debbie, Hi You can check me out on my website aquilterschoice.com: you can purchase my DVD'S there as well. Want classes check out my efents calander. I would love to come back to Colorado and teach classes again. And last but not least I have a couple of newDVD'S coming out in the spring. Scott Law is busy getting them edited and ready for producing. I am so excited to see them.. PS: anyone wanting to host classes please contact me or look at my events calander on my website to see if I will be near. I do have some classes coming up over the next few of months. Anyone already on my class roster please contact me as soon as possible to firm them up. Myrna
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