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  1. If anyone is making a Disney related quilt for MQS's theme "It's Magic", please send me a private message. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the link Kathy. I've requested a free sample. I've put off buying bags and I'm ready to order some. I like that you can order a minimum of 100.
  3. Also check with your state. In Colorado, our lawyer told us you need to also send out a notice, return receipt, that gives them 14 days from the date of signature to pay. We do appliance repair and have occasion where we have sold appliances due to lack of payment. We have it posted in our shop that appliances not paid for and picked up 30 days after repair will be sold for cost of said repair. But, that is not enough, a written letter has to be sent out. Just FYI
  4. The gold centers really make it pop. I watched the video a couple days ago and also posted it on facebook. Can't wait to give this a try!! I have baby quilts to do (seems to be a surge in new babies) and this would be great is nursery prints. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Congratulations!! I became and grandma in August and I'm loving it!! Your little sweater is the sweetest. Saying an extra prayer for your daughter. Happy New Year!!
  6. We are going on 28 years as a mom & pop appliance repair business. Up until recently, all of the Kenmore full size washers and dryers were made by Whirlpool. Now Samsung and LG are also sold to Sears. The first 3 numbers on the model # are the code to who manufactures the machines. The salespeople (if they are trained right) can tell you who made what machine. A good resource for you is to check with servicers in your area. They are the ones that have to do the repairs if something goes wrong, so they will give you honest answers to your questions. (if you ask a servicer who also sells
  7. Oh, WOW, great idea! I think I need to put that on my list to do. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Congratulations on your special find Karol! I'm sorry your husband isn't celebrating with you. I have 3 treadles at home (and gave one to a nephew who collects antiques). One is in working order and my latest one is a coffin top that I bought for $35. Like you, I thought I stole it. (My husband just laughs when I bring another one home. Me, I try not to bring anymore home, I have no more room!!)
  9. Thanks for sharing the photo Pat! It looked so good on you. I didn't think to ask you if you bought it or I would have hoofed it over to that booth and bought one. So, now to find the beads and make me one. (I met Pat at the NWQE and that necklace looks really good on!!) Wish I could have chatted with you a bit, but you were busy, which is good! I'm sure I will catch up with you another time. {{{HUGS}}}
  10. You can also make a log cabin with them. A guild member did one a few years ago and it was beautiful.
  11. I bought one in April and have used it a few times. LOVE it! Used it this afternoon actually when I had to frog some velcro. It's really slick.
  12. Darlene, your dad gave you such a special gift. My step-dad apologized to me on his death bed. It gave us both peace. I just wish my mom would do the same thing, but I doubt that will ever happen. Saying I love you is one thing, owning up and saying you're sorry is another. From this I have learned to tel my kids I love them AND I admit and say I'm sorry.
  13. I am so proud of you, Candi and Nathan. She could have only raised such a son by having the parents she did. I have faith he is going to be just fine with this. HUGS to you all! (btw, Candi and Nathan are beautiful, inside and out!!)
  14. Karie, I missed this before. Sending God's blessings to Chris (and your whole family) as he slowly recovers. It's great to hear his nerves are regenerating. Sending you HUGE HUGS!!
  15. Oh, Shana, thanks for much for sharing your photos! We are still reaching the low 90's here, so the thought of cooler weather is more than welcome!!
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